New Book – The Inspirational Autobiography Of Ganesh Bagchi


The History Of One, Is The History Of All—The Inspirational Autobiography Of Ganesh Bagchi

Recounting a pivotal period in both British and Indian history, and a celebration of coming out on the other side of tragedy.

NATIONWIDE, 28th July, 2014—History has a bad habit of repeating itself, if not to the same extremes—to somewhat similar ones. The only thing that breaks the repetitive cycle, is the insight and knowledge gained by taking an in-depth look at how things got to their extremes. In order to achieve this, one must look at history and events from all angles—and make a conscious effort to actively work towards positive alternatives. This is precisely how, the history of one—becomes the history of all.

In the autobiography publication My Days and Ways by Ganesh Bagchi, readers are allowed a firsthand account of many pivotal moments in both British and Indian History. This includes historical moments such as the nearly forgotten Great Bengal Famine of 1943, the Second World War, the struggle for Indian independence, and the assassination of Gandhi.

“All of the historical events above played a large role in shaping the circumstances of author Bagchi’s life—but these events did not take away his inner strength and courage. For many these events lead to ruin, but were the catalyst for Bagchi to forgive, overcome, and create lasting positive change.”

The trials and tribulations of Bagchi did not keep him from living his life to the fullest. He met and married his wife, and became a proud graduate of a prestigious University. Aside from his autobiography, Bagchi has many published works, and is a celebrated playwright.

Ganesh Bagchi was born in Faridpur in the eastern part of Bengal, before the partition of India in 1926. In 1951 he moved to with his wife and two daughters to teach English in Uganda as a British Protectorate. His son was born during his time in East Africa. His time in Uganda allowed him a firsthand account of the Independence of Uganda, Uhuru in 1963. Shortly thereafter Baghci returned to India, but now calls Lincolnshire home.

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