New Petition – European Constitution

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The 10 Downing Street website includes a section which allows anyone to set up a petition that is presented to the Prime Minister. Potentially this is a national referendum. A number of petitions have loudly rejected Government policy.

This latest petition calls for the referendum promised to the British people on the European Constitution.

Eueopean leaders are queuing up to crow at how they fooled Blair and Brown into signing up.

The UK Independence Party has sponsored this latest on-line petition, but the issue applies to every British citizen, whatever they political affiliation. One reason why Prime Minister Brown does not intend the allow a referendum is because he knows that a majority of his Party Members would vote against the Treaty which was signed by Blair as he left office. Latest poll figures suggest that more than 75% of Britons want to have a referendum and that 68% intend to vote NO to the European Constitution.

Our new Prime Minister has made it clear that he does not intend to give us a referendum on the new European Union Treaty,

We say, ‘Enough is Enough’ and Nigel Farage MEP has started a petition calling on our government to let us have our say on Britain’s future relationship with the EU.

Please read about this campaign on and sign our petition.

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