New Terror Threat For Europe

IRA gunmen undergoing training in the Irish Republic

IRA gunmen undergoing training in the Irish Republic

A new terror threat is developing for Europe. An attempt to explode a large car bomb in Northern Ireland marks a further stage in the escalation of violence.

British security services have noted an increase in IRA activity in Northern Ireland as the three main factions of the IRA come together after a period of re-armament. It is suspected that this is the result of increased assistance from the US and is deeply concerning to the British security services. Serious though this renewed threat is, there are indications that terror groups across Europe are coming together in the aftermath of the ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon.

Historically each group, such as the IRA and ETA, have operated primarily within their local areas, confining co-operation to the exchange of information on weapons and tactics. Security services are now seeing this co-operation increase and broaden as the terror groups come to see Brussels, rather than London or Madrid, as the real enemy to their hopes of independence.

There are reports of terror cells being establish across mainland Europe, but this does not mean that terror attacks will be confined to Brussels and Strasbourg. The early signs in Northern Ireland are that the IRA will target both the government agencies, notably police and military, and the former IRA leaders who are now serving as elected representatives in Stormont and Westminster. Since the Irish Republic was recently forced to hold a second referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon, the original clear NO vote being unacceptable to the Eurocrats, the Government in Southern Ireland may now receive the same level of IRA attention as the Government of Northern Ireland. These former colleagues are viewed as traitors by the renewed IRA terror groups. It is believed that ETA and other European groups will take a similar position of planing attacks on both national and EU targets.

Grave though these new threats are, the real threat may prove to be from the Eurocrats who could use this situation to further degrade civil liberty across Europe.

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