New Year message from UKIP Leader, Nigel Farage


Nigel Farage, Leader, UK Independence Party, who escaped a plane crash in May 2010

2010 was in many cases a year of the inevitable. A year where the electorate removed the Labour government and went for something different, albeit not quite as we were expecting. I doubt many people would have anticipated Cameron and Clegg sitting side by side on the government benches.

But what 2010 brought in many ways heralds what 2011 has the potential to bring. Those two men are sitting side by side because there is a disenchantment with three party career politics. After 13 years of Labour there was no definite winner in that election and it’s hardly surprising, because they’re all but identical.

2011 is the year of potential for UKIP. It’s the year of big opportunity.

In local elections and assembly elections we have the opportunity to step up and be the alternative to this status quo of smoke and mirrors politics. If we step up to the mark we can show the people of the United Kingdom that they deserve better than grey suited bureaucrats living in a world, out of touch with public opinion and the issues that we want to debate.

With our message of independence at all levels: from the EU, from Big Government and from unnecessary interference in how we run our lives we can show a vision of how this country could be.

In the second decade of this millennium we can show people that enough is enough; it’s time for a real change. And it’s up to the UK Independence Party to provide it.

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