News from the Fuehrer Bunker – Premature Victory Claim


The musak playing in the Fuehrer Bunker deep under Whitehall was deafening. The Dam Buster’s March was followed by the sound track from 633 Squadron in an endless loop. This was to signal the claim of victory over Germany by “Bottler” Brown who has rushed off to Afghanistan to be photographed with real heroes in the hope that some of their glory rubs off on him.

It has been an extraordinary week for “Bottler”.

Just as he was planning to land the Lieb Standarten Peter Mandelson in Iceland to give the Icelandic terrorists a thrashing, a second front was opened up by the Panzer Division Steinbruck. PD Steinbruck launched its attack on a broad front, pointing out the crassness of the Blair Brown Regime’s failed economic policy that threatens to bring Britain to bankruptcy.

Then “Bottler” surprised the world by claiming victory over Germany after the apparent surrender of Angela “Rosa Klebb” Merkel who joined the flock of petrified European leaders (less a lamentation of swans than a murder of ravens) in agreeing to throw money at the two spectres of depression and stagflation.

While “Bottler” was on his photo op mission to Afghanistan, the Germans proved far from defeated when the German Ambassador to Britain Georg Boomgarten launched a new attack from close to the Fuehrer Bunker in London. Boomgarten pointed out that Germany could afford some modest help to German financial intuitions because unlike Britain under the Blair Brown Regime jackboot, democratic Germany had no housing “bubble”, Germans were good savers who do not have massive credit card debits, unemployment is falling, Germany is still a healthy trading nation with a trading surplus, and the euro is not going down the tube, contrasting with the Blair Brown achievement of rapidly rising inflation, massive personal credit card debt, rapidly falling personal savings, a bursting housing “bubble”, terrifying increases in unemployment, a huge trading debt, and Sterling in freefall.

Boomgarten however failed to fully press home his attack by pointing out that the Blair Brown answer to its failed economic policies and failed bank bailouts is to prepare to print money in the hope of arresting deflation and creating inflation, with one Blair Brown functionary calling for the Bank of England to emulate South American dictators in creating hyper inflation.

Its all a world away from the heady day when “Bottler” proudly claimed to the House of Commons that he had saved the world. Then, the Caped Crusader had been looking forward to training his new Robin, Obama, and giving Jonnie Foreigner a bloody nose – or at least another lengthy patronizing lecture on how “Bottler” had saved the world.

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