“News of the World” Dead – Long Live “Sun on Sunday”

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Rupert Murdock acting to protect himself

Murdock acts to save CEO in “hacking” scandal.


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Murdock closes the British newspaper that started his career as a media mogul in Britain. The question is why?

It has been claimed that he is prepared to sacrifice thousands of journalists and other workers, who carry no blame for the scandal, just to save his CEO, who was editor at the News of the World when the paper organized widespread hacking of phones owned by murder victims and their families and the families of British troops killed in action.

It has also been claimed that this is a cynical act to remove a toxin brand from the Murdock empire and protect his bid to acquire the remaining 61% stock in BSkyB which generates heavy profits for him at a time when newspaper readerships are shrinking.

The real reason may be much simpler.

There are two scandals.

The hacking scandal has occupied the news for days and triggered widespread revulsion when it emerged that not only celebrity and politicians phones had been hacked, but the hacking extended to the families of soldiers killed in action and murder victims and their families.

The second and perhaps more significant scandal is the widespread payment system for information from police officers. This is likely to expand as it becomes clearer how the police and Murdock newspapers worked together in high profile cases and how the police appear to have covered up this unhealthy and illegal relationship.

So far Murdock has tried to portray the scandals as the actions of one or two rogue reporters but it is now becoming clear that the scandal is widespread and extends to other newspapers. Murdock and fellow executives could become embroiled in the unfolding investigations. If a growing pool of allegations proves true, these senior executives could be put on trial.

Ed “Wallace” Milliband has seized on what he sees as a bandwagon, denouncing all newspapers and television journalism, and the Government. The situation is much more complex. The offences thus far uncovered all fall in the period of the Blair Brown Regime, of which Milliband was a member. It transpires that the Blair Brown Regime was presented with a number of reports during the last ten years, including a damming report from the Data Protection Registrar who concluded that illegal practices were widespread and included hacking of phones and computers. These reports were ignored because Blair and Brown were closely involved with Murdock and dependent on him in several areas.

It is widely believed that although Murdock has closed the News of the World, Britain’s leading Sunday paper, he was already planning to switch all of his papers over to a seven day model and the News of the World was scheduled to close, being replaced by a Sunday edition of the Sun.

The only thing that seems certain at this stage is that the scandal is due to run at least as log as the scandal over MPs expenses fraud and likely to bring out more shocking revelations.

These scandals are just new examples of the way the Blair Brown Regime corrupted Britain during 13 inglorious years. What is now required is a root and branch approach to re-introducing integrity and honesty in government. The difficulty is that this will be difficult to achieve when the three old failed Parties still control local and central Government, where the leaders are interchangeable and the key policies are almost identical.


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