NHS Confidentiality breeched?

Bottler Brown ended the six month phony war on April 6 by making history as the first Scottish non-elected Prime Minister to ask HM The Queen for permission to dissolve the British Parliament and within a week was already mired in fresh scandal.

In the first week of official campaigning the Conservatives moved well ahead as the Left and Right Wings of the Labour Party fought each other and Chancellor Darling destroyed an attempted fight back by admitting that the Conservatives had been right all along about the economy. Business leaders queued up to endorse the Conservative promise to avoid most of Labour’s planned tax on jobs.

A badly rattled Labour Party resorted to what it does best which is abusing civil liberties and telling outright lies

A carefully targeted leaflet was sent to several hundred thousand cancer sufferers, claiming that the Conservatives had decided to withdraw treatment, when the reality was that the Conservatives had already promised to increase support for early treatment of cancer and the funding of drugs withdrawn by Labour to save money.

That lie was in itself a scandal not just because it was a lie, but because it could potentially cause great distress to NHS patients awaiting results of cancer tests or undergoing treatment with the prospect of needing a further course of treatment later.

What made the cynical exercise even more serious was that there appears to have been targeting, using patient information from the NHS. If this proves to be the case there must be a full criminal investigation and prosecution of all those involved. There have been several previous instances where the Blair Brown Regime has used NHS private patient information in an attempt to smear individuals, lending weight to suspicions that the leaflet was illegally targeted using NHS data.

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