No Gifts from Brussels this Christmas

No Gifts from Brussels this Christmas

The Christmas season is now well and truly upon us, and we, at Get Britain Out want to wish you a very merry time – looking forward to getting out of the EU!

Jean ‘Clause’ Junker and his elves will also be having an indulgent Christmas. Tens of thousands of Eurocrats are set to receive inflation-busting pay rises and bonuses worth a staggering €100 million – that’s £74 million to you and me! They have awarded themselves a pay rise of 2.4% costing us €13 million, further pay increases of €49.6 million in 2016, plus lots of extravagant allowances and bonuses. So much for David Cameron’s claims he secured a pay freeze for the Eurocrats!


Included in the growing wage bill is an expatriation allowance, paid to more than 80% of EU officials, which is worth an additional 16% of their basic salary if they were recruited from outside Brussels.  This perk costs more than £221 million a year!


On top of this, they will be moving into a new £280 million Europa building next year. No humble manger for these public servants! Clearly with the euro-tide log burning so fiercely to keep them warm, the bureaucrats in Brussels believe they deserve all this – and will enjoy a very merry Christmas…..all at a time when they preach austerity to the rest of the EU.


As we watch Cameron’s feeble EU ‘renegotiations’ unravel, the situation would be funny if it was not so momentous for our future. Whether one believes Cameron has bitten off more than he can chew, or it’s all a big sham to make him look the victor in the coming months, this situation is such a farce even Europhiles have given up trying to explain what gifts are in store from Brussels. In light of this, the renegotiation pantomime is getting even more insulting.


News came out this week that the government is planning a biased pro-EU dossier ahead of the referendum! Apparently this will be sent out to every British family and paid for by – yes, you’ve guessed it – paid for by all of us! This is a complete misuse of taxpayers’ money.


When we heard the news, Get Britain Out immediately launched a petition on Parliament’s own petition website, demanding ‘CAMERON STOPS spending British taxpayers’ money on pro-EU Referendum leaflets’. We aim to get over a million signatures so please please support this – we really need your help. At 10,000 signatures the government MUST respond, and upon receiving 100,000 the petition will be debated in Parliament. We want to prove Britons really do care about this and we are aiming show Conman Cameron just how much and how many of us object. So it’s now up to you to show your support please. We cannot do this without your help – as well as all your friends and family signing up to the petition – and we are sure over a million signatures will really make a difference.

Please sign up to the petition here.


Cameron’s proposed document will seek to explain “why we need to stay in the EU” with yet more myths and scaremongering. The Great British Public clearly want a fair and free referendum – it is the least voters deserve.


The petition will force real scrutiny on the Prime Minister, and more media coverage in the New Year will expose just how badly the Europhiles want this referendum to be a stitch up. It shows what little faith they hold in direct democracy – so please make the effort to voice your opposition via the petition.


Following on from this unfair campaigning news, our Letter to the London Evening Standard was printed in full yesterday. “The British public have been waiting 40 years for a free and fair referendum on the issue of the UK’s membership of the EU, and it is vital the government ensures the public are made aware of both sides of the argument so they are able to make a balanced and free choice.”
Given both sides of the argument, we know the Great British Public will choose to leave the expanding EU superstate, hence the reason the Leave side tell the truth, and won’t resort to such scaremongering and underhand tactics! Read the full quote here. (Referendum Must be a Fair Contest – The Evening Standard)


All this was further scrutinised in our article for The Commentator today. Here is an extract which explains why it’s so vital our petition succeeds. “Whether we like to admit it or not, British voters are the least informed electorate of all EU Member States when it comes to the subject of the EU. A one-sided, government-funded, biased document will attempt to ‘con’ voters who are not fully informed.” (Con-man Dave set to influence EU referendum – The Commentator)


We also wrote for Huffington Post on why the Left should also vote to Leave the European Union. Euroscepticism is rightly no longer seen as a purely Right-wing and populist issue. As you may have heard, the Scottish National Party have now been informed their proposal to introduce minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland is actually against EU rules! Perhaps the pro-EU SNP will now acknowledge our arguments a little better after a few more interferences from Brussels! The same goes for Jeremy Corbyn’s re-nationalisation plans, the EU First Railway Directive stops any national autonomy on the issue. Independence and autonomy are the clear links we can all get behind, no mater what side of the political spectrum you are on. (Why the Left Should Leave the EU Too – Huffington Post)
We finish on some good news. The latest reports from the ‘Westminster village’ indicate Cameron may allow his Cabinet ministers to campaign freely on the EU referendum….but not until after he finishes his so-called negotiations! Is he doing this simply to relieve party tensions, or is he putting country before party and allowing a fairer debate? While his Cabinet Ministers cannot speak freely, William Hague (ex Foreign Secretary and now Lord Hague) who once campaigned vigorously to keep Britain out of the Eurozone, comes out this week – all guns firing – in support of staying In! Something’s wrong with the rules here?


We look forward to continuing our campaign into the New Year. It will be a crucial one in the battle for Brexit, and we, of course, will be doing all we can to Get Britain Out.


And finally, before you enjoy your Christmas turkey and plum pudding …


Thank you so much for your continued support. Please remember to get everyone to sign up to the petition here. It is so important to spread the truth about this vital issue. Please also encourage them to Sign Up to our campaign. As well as showing support, they will be kept in touch with our latest in-depth campaign news and receive our fortnightly e-Bulletins. We can reassure you, all information remains confidential – including all the names of those who sign up to the petition.


With our best wishes for you and your family for a very Merry Christmas – and looking forward to a Happy EU-free New year.



All the Team at Get Britain Out