No Hopenhagen Reflective

The Global Warming Conference in Copenhagen may have marked the end of the beginning of the Church of Global Warming and the start of a sane and reasoned debate about changing climate and the most effective way of responding.

The conference followed the hallowed process established by the Church of Global Warming where a vast carbon footprint was established by all the fundamentalists as they flew in from around the world and embarked on a massive feast that would have kept a small African country fed for two months, while they lectured everyone else on the perfection of their creed and smeared anyone who questioned their Gospels.

This time, the situation became very different as scientists, emboldened by the disclosure of Global Warming Fraud, came out to state their concerns about the bad science that had been used to justify the claims of the Global Warming fundamentalists.

By the end of the conference the politicians who had flown in for the end of conference photo opportunity were left with egg on their faces. That was only poetic justice, but it offered the prospect of a return to reason, provided that the damage caused by the conference could be prevented from spreading.

The fact that none of the figures, on which the creed of Global Warming was based, add up, unless someone is prepared to fiddle them and suppress any conflicting information, does not mean that there is no climate change. The reality is that the Earth has been going through a succession of climate changes for millions of years. It has been very considerably hotter than it currently is and it has been considerably colder. Some of these changes have happened at terrifying speed, with grazing animals frozen alive, Continents shifting significantly, sea beds becoming plateaux thousands of feet above sea level, deserts becoming tropical forest and fertile lands swallowed by enlarging deserts. Much of that change happened long before we believe man emerged. That this constant change is part of life on Earth does not mean that man cannot contribute to a trend in some small way, or that he is free to squander natural resources, or freely pollute.

Lets hope that 2010 will see a gradual return to good science, see greater research carried out, research data and conclusions honestly presented and fairly debated. While that is happening, we also have to make some positive changes in the way we behave.

The human population is rapidly expanding. This means that some countries face regular famine and a lack of clean drinking water – something that we can do something about. Lets start by helping those communities to help themselves. The tradition of dumping aid supplies and then forgetting them simply isn’t good enough. Emergency supplies may be required, but then help has to move to helping those populations to fend better for themselves and not make them dependent of help from others.

We can reduce pollution and one very good step forward would be to reduce unnecessary transportation and packaging.

There are so many things that we can do successfully. They may not help rebuild the careers of failed politicians and they will do nothing for those who hate to see others thinking for themselves and enjoying life, but they are things that will make a better world.

So No Hopenhagen may have done something useful after all, and shown that falsehoods of the Global Warming fundamentalists and the unscrupulous politicians. If it helps us to open a rational debate on how we use and maintain our environment, it will mitigate the excesses of the fundamentalists.

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