NO IMPEACHMENT: We must visit our Representatives on Oct. 10th!

This is the week to schedule your office visit with your Representative! This Thursday, October 10th is the day! Note: some people have asked us if we are organizing events. The answer is – we are not. These are office visits that each person is scheduling and organizing individually or with a group of friends. Some groups are also organizing sign-waving events outside of the offices, but that is for each person and group to decide. If you would like to promote one of these events, you can create an event so that it shows up on our events page.


We need you to go to your Representative’s local office at noon, local time, to deliver the message to REJECT IMPEACHMENT! Here’s how to make a congressional office visit in 10 easy steps!

  1. Look up your Representative’s local office address nearest to you. You can look it up on our website.
  2. Call, text, and/or email friends to recruit them to go with you.
  3. Go through our new Anti-Impeachment How-To Guide to see which parts you want to use for your visit and so you have solid background information about the issue.
  4. Decide what you want to say (you can use our Anti-Impeachment How-To Guide as a resource as you decide). Plan to be clear and concise.
  5. Print a letter you wrote, or use the one from our Anti-Impeachment How-To Guide so that you have a hard copy of a letter to deliver and leave with your Representative’s office. Note: If you use our template, remember to replace the RED text with the correct information before you print it out.
  6. Show up at the office.
  7. Tell the staff you don’t want President Trump impeached and that you want your Representative to vote against impeachment. Hand them any letters, news articles, or petitions you want them to review.
  8. Take a photo.
  9. Email us afterward and send your photo to, or you can text it to
  10. Post about it on social media and encourage others to follow your lead!

If you aren’t able to visit the office of your Representative, you can still make phone calls to your Representative’s office to tell them to REJECT IMPEACHMENT! Use our sample script that we have provided or use your own.

In liberty,


Jenny Beth Martin


PS: Don’t forget to sign our petition! Join thousands sending the message to congress that we support President Trump.