No one cared

To Democrats a ‘peaceful political demonstration’ requires, arson, gang rape, beatings killings and ritual burning of the flag of the Unites States of America……..BSDEd

No one cared this summer, when every major American city was on fire, with criminals running wild and police in retreat.


No one cared in 2018 when rabid feminists descended on the Capitol to protest Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

And no one cared in 2017, when a deranged Bernie supporter targeted the Republican Congressional baseball team’s practice, shooting Rep. Steve Scalise.


But now that the Left has something they can use for their political agenda, they tell us it’s time to do something.


They’ve kicked the sitting President of the United States off of the internet, and they claim it’s for “our safety.”


But this has nothing to do with keeping you or me safe — and everything to do with a political opportunity for the Left to strip us of our First Amendment rights once and for all.


The Left finally has an excuse to do what they’ve always wanted: silence their political opposition by any means necessary.


So if you’re in the position to make an emergency donation of $35 or more, you will give the Freedom Center the resources we need to go full steam ahead in our Beat Big Tech project.


We have two major goals:

  1. Expose the Democratic National Committee to Silicon Valley pipeline
  2. Break up monopolies like Apple and Google that think it’s up to them to decide what information We, The People can access and how we’re allowed to communicate

These radical Democrats and their tech executive henchmen don’t care who you are or where you were on January 6th — if they think you’re a threat to their agenda, they want to shut you up and shut you down.


That’s why I’m writing to you today.


Because this is bigger than Twitter or Facebook — or any one website.


This is about YOUR right to free speech, YOUR right to your opinion and YOUR right to exist.


The radical Left wants to take all of that away from you and they’re using Big Tech to do exactly that.


So don’t waste a moment — follow this link right away to make a generous emergency donation of $35 or more right away.


The same people that told Christian bakers to “shut up and bake the cake” for weddings that conflicted with their faith now say Twitter is a private company that can do as it pleases.


But when Twitter has become more powerful than the leader of the free world, and is doing the bidding of a major political party, that’s no longer the case.


Twitter — and other corporations like it — is filled with alums from major Democratic campaigns, committees and candidates.


They hire in droves from the Democratic Party.


And they’re using the cover of a “private company” with the manpower of the Swamp to crush their political opponents — and we must act now.


I’m using the Freedom Center’s Discover the Networks — the largest and most extensive database on the Left — to spearhead an investigation into the Big Tech decision makers and their ties to the Democratic party.


But I can’t do it without you.


Please make a generous, tax-deductible donation right away to help us fund this investigation and get the answers the American people deserve.


I know what’s at stake — because when I was in my 20s, I was a radical Leftist.


I hung out with the heads of the Black Panthers and edited Ramparts — the leading magazine in the far Left movement at the time.


I was deep in the trenches of the Left.


When I was in my 40s, I finally realized how wrong they were, and how wrong I was.


We weren’t making America a better place — we were destroying the greatest country in the world.


So in 1984 I cast my vote for Ronald Reagan and never looked back.


I dedicated the rest of my life to combatting the Left’s twisted, Marxist vision and using my insider knowledge to expose them for who they really were.


And unless patriots like you and I unite to expose these frauds for who they are, and reveal their true intentions to the American people, we’ll lose our country forever.


What we’re seeing now is just the beginning.


If they can get away with kicking the President of the United States off the internet, there’s no telling what they’ll do to folks like you and me.


The Left can’t win without our silence — and that’s why they’re exploiting the Capitol breach to achieve it.


So I need you to make your voice heard while you still can.


Donate $35 or more to the Freedom Center’s Beat Big Tech project and help us show America — and the world — what these megacorporations and their Democratic decision makers are really after.


The future of our country is hanging by a thread — and it depends on Americans like you.



David Horowitz


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