Nordic American Tankers Ltd.(NYSE:NAT) Letter to Shareholders from the Chairman and CEO on the tragic events in Norway.

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Sandefjord, Norway, August 1, 2011

The traumatic bombing and shootings in Norway on July 22 claimed 77 innocent lives. Most of them were young people between 15 and 22 years of age. These horrific actions have prompted many of you to send us expressions of concern and condolences. Your sympathy warms our hearts in this difficult time. You have told us that we are in your thoughts and prayers, and we are most grateful.

Though many of our staff live in Norway, none have been directly affected by the attacks, which took place about a one hour drive from our offices in Sandefjord.

As you know, Norway is a small country with fewer than 5 million people. But we have spread our roots widely; there are more people of Norwegian descent in the US than the whole population of Norway.

Our country’s political leaders have shown an unshakeable and unified front, no matter what party they are from. They have clearly expressed that the brutal assaults will not intimidate or threaten Norway, which will stand firm in defending its main values built on a democratic, open, tolerant and inclusive society.

Again, thank you for supporting us. You are all our friends!

Nordic American Tankers Ltd.
Herbjorn Hansson
Chairman and CEO

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