Now even the Greeks want to join Ukip, says Farage as his latest speech causes stir

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MY FIRST speech of 2014 in what the European Parliament jokingly call a “debate” was to the Greek Prime Minister Mr Samaras on Wednesday.



The Greeks have taken over the six-month rotating presidency of the European Council, despite the fact they aren’t even allowed to run their own country.

Mr Samaras gave a speech to the MEPs in Strasbourg in which he said he represented the “sovereign will of the Greek people”.

Well, I’m not sure that’s quite the case when the Greek people are bound to the will of people in foreign countries.

So I told the Greek PM all this in the way I like to do these things at the European Parliament: I gave it to him straight.

And since then, I’ve been inundated with requests from Greek media outlets wanting interviews and broadcasts.

I’ve been inundated with requests from Greek media outlets wanting interviews and broadcas

Nigel Farage

Some, of course, are questioning how dare I say such mean things to their Prime Minister.

But the majority seem to be coming to me for an alternative voice to the political establishment in Greece which is either tied to the Euro or dangerously extreme.

Most meaningful to me, though, are the emails, tweets and private messages I am getting from the Greek people thanking me for what I said in Strasbourg that day.

Just as Ukip is detested by the establishment and gets support from real people in the UK, that same enthusiasm is spreading across Europe.

Our Head Office reported to me that they’ve taken many calls from Greeks wanting to join Ukip.

We have an overseas branch, we are delighted to tell them.

I thought my Express Online readers would like to see the speech, so here is a video of me in action and below it you can read what I said.

And to all those Greeks out there, do come and sign up!

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