now we know.

Have you heard the phrase “interagency consensus”1 before? Under Barack Obama, it probably meant nothing special, but under President Trump, you can interpret this dry phrase to mean “the bureaucrat consensus versus the elected President.”

I need your help to boost the Trump Defense Team’s ability to defend President Trump and our Constitution! Your vote, my vote, 63 million Americans’ votes won’t matter if the unelected “interagency consensus” has the ultimate say about policy and about who sits in the White House.


Do you remember the IRS tea party scandal? What the so-called “civil servants” did with the IRS is not very different from what they are doing now to President Trump. It’s what the radical left and their nameless, faceless allies in government do to anyone who might stand in their way.


I really and truly believe that one of the best things to come out of the Trump presidency is finally learning the true extent of the Deep State, right? We can’t win if we don’t know who we must fight. And now we know.
I know you’re angry and frustrated at the injustice of it all – I am too! But you can fight back! You can join the Trump Defense Team for a small gift of $25 or $50 and push back – hard – against the tyranny of the “interagency consensus.”

Just go to our secure site:, to join the team.

Thank you for all you do!


Jenny Beth Martin


P.S. I want to make sure that I acknowledge all of the people who have integrity, work to defend our Constitution, and who would never use their positions in government to overthrow a duly elected President. To you, we say thank you for your service!