Obama Fears Cameron Hat Trick


US President Obama fears a Cameron Hat Trick as the Poison Dwarf Sarkosi is booted out by French electors.


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First “Call Me Dave” Cameron gave his backing to Nick Clegg as his new best friend and partner in crime. Since that endorsement, Clegg has crashed in the polls, first seeing the LibDems overtaken for the first time by the UK Independence Party, then last week seeing LibDem councillors fall below 3,000 for the first time in the Party’s history and his prospects for the 2015 General Election showing his 50 Westminster seats shrinking to 5 or 6.

The second Cameron effect has just been seen. He ostentaciously backed Nick Sarkosi to win the French election, only to see Marine Le Pen win 20% of the vote in the first round and for “Mr Pudding” Hollande to triumph over Sarkosi in the second round yesterday.

Obama aides are nervously trying to seek solace in the fact that the first two losers backed by Cameron were both named Nick and their man is of course Hussein. The prospects are looking much more like Cameron will achieve a hat trick as the third politician he has vocally backed crashes out on the toe of the US voters boot.

We could now see a mad scramble of politicians to avoid receiving the backing of “Call me Dave” Cameron. Leeading the rush will be re-elected London Mayor Boris Johnson and British Chancellor Osborne.


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