Obamacare doesn’t need saving, big primary wins, and other things you need to know

Lawmakers have been debating about what needs to go in the spending bill before government runs out of money on March 23rd. The concern that Tea Party Patriots has is whether or not the new spending bill will include a provision to bailout insurance companies to prevent massive ObamaCare premium hikes in 2019. You heard that right, Democrats and Republicans are quietly trying to add a provision that would hand out ObamaCare insurer payments and give states $10 billion over a two-year period to help ObamaCare insurers reduce premiums. This is government cronyism at its worst!


Doing this not only adds to the growing debt our nation currently has, but also would continue propping up a law that has shackled Americans to poor quality healthcare. ObamaCare was set up for failure since the very beginning and it’s time for Republicans to repeal it once and for all. Call Congress next week and tell them, “No Insurance Company Bailouts, No Obamacare Bailouts, it’s time to repeal it once and for all!”

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While you’re at it, you can tell them that there is an alternative plan being developed to replace ObamaCare that former Senator Rick Santorum and a coalition of conservative groups are working on. Be sure to watch our Facebook live session with Sen. Rick Santorum to learn more.

Interview with Rick Santorum

If you haven’t gotten a chance yet, check out Keli Carender’s blog on the tea party movement. Carender was involved in the tea party movement and Tea Party Patriots from the very beginning, and is now the director of communications for the National Association of Scholars. Keli remembers intense harassment members of the tea party movement received, and still do today.

“While [the tea party movement]may not have the support of the media, or Hollywood, or academia, or Oprah,” Carender writes in her blog. “We are strong, tenacious, and committed to making sure our nation’s kids will live as free people.”

Finally, big news out of Texas this week. Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund endorsed candidates Senator Ted Cruz, Congressman Louie Gohmert, and Chip Roy are all moving onto the next round. Senator Cruz and Congressman Gohmert both blew their primary opponents out of the water to move onto their general election contests. Chip Roy, who is the former Chief of Staff to Senator Cruz, finished first in his primary out of very crowded field and will move on to the run-off where he’ll compete for the Republican nomination for the 21st Congressional District. We will be working to help elect Chip Roy because he is a steadfast conservative who will be a great addition to the conservative bloc in the US House of Representatives.

What You Need to Know this Week

Tea Party Patriots: The Non-Conforming Underdogs

By Keli Carender, the National Association of Scholars   The tea party movement began nine years ago, and how things have changed! One of the biggest changes is that the mainstream media and left-wing activists once again consider dissent to be patriotic. For eight years, criticizing our …
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Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Congratulates Ted Cruz on Winning Republican Nomination for Texas Senate

Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement congratulating Senator Ted Cruz on securing the Republican nomination for Texas Senate….
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Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Congratulates Louie Gohmert on Winning Republican Nomination for Texas 01

Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement congratulating Rep. Louie Gohmert on securing the Republican nomination for Texas’ First congressional district….
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Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Congratulates Chip Roy on Qualifying for Run-Off in Texas 21

Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement congratulating Chip Roy on qualifying for the May 22 run-off in Texas’ 21st Congressional district….
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Senate takes first steps to reform Dodd-Frank

The Senate advanced a bill that would provide regulatory relief for smaller banks and start to scale back regulations under Dodd-Frank law. In response to the financial crisis of 2007-2008, Senator Warren and far-left liberals pressed for a one-size-fits-all approach…
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DOJ punishes California for interfering with federal immigration enforcement

It’s about time! The Justice Department filed a lawsuit against sanctuary state California which has deliberately interfered with federal jurisdiction on immigration. The DOJ and the Trump Administration are trying to block three recently-passed state laws…
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