Only 6 days left and we are still short


When Congress comes back into session in a few days, the “Republican” leadership hopes to ram through a spending bill that includes full funding for Obamacare.


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That’s why our historic “Exempt America from Obamacare” rally is so important. This is our last chance to look these politicians in the eyes and demand that they stop this nonsense!

Unfortunately though, we are still $136,000 behind in our fundraising for this rally. So, I need your help right away.

Please, make an urgent generous contribution of $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford to help pay for this gigantic Tea Party rally on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

We are going to storm Washington, DC and tell the politicians in both political parties that Obamacare must be stopped right away!

This protest rally may be our very last chance to stop this horrible law from going into effect on October 1st.

And the big government politicians are trying to ram this funding bill through Congress within days of returning from their lavish summer vacations!

We have to move fast. We need to stage a substantial rally so that these people who are supposed to represent us understand that they can’t just run back to Washington to escape our demands.

Please make the most generous contribution you possibly can right away. We need to raise $136,000 by next Tuesday.

On September 10th we are going to show everyone in Washington just how much the American people hate Obamacare.

Thousands of volunteers will rally just feet from Capitol Hill and the offices of the Republican Congressional leaders.

We are going to warn Speaker John Boehner and Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell that they had better not sell out to Barack Obama again and allow Obamacare to go into effect.

And we are going to do it in person!

House and Senate Republicans promised to get rid of this law when they ran for office. They ran TV ads and sent out mailers about how gutting Obamacare was their top priority.

But now they are on the verge of betraying that promise by voting to use billions and billions of your tax dollars to fund this monstrosity!

That’s why we must strike back, and strike back hard.

And September 10th is D-Day!

Please make the very, very best contribution you can right away. We have taken a huge risk by fronting the necessary funding for this huge event, and we need your help to replenish our reserves.

Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee, as well as Reps. Louie Gohmert and Steve King, will be at this mammoth rally.

The news media will have to cover it extensively.

This is our chance to stop the Republicans in the House and Senate from betraying us and possibly guaranteeing that Obamacare can never be repealed. We must pull out all the stops.

We need to coordinate busses, set up a stage and rent a massive sound system.

We need to advertise, set up phone banks and coordinate with all our local affiliates across America.

But, once again, we urgently need your help to pay for all this. And we are running out of time.

So please, make a special online contribution right away.

We must raise this $136,000 by Wednesday.

Any amount you can give will help us provide transportation to Tea Party activists who might not otherwise be able to get to D.C.

Even a modest contribution will go a long way towards helping us pay for the stage and sound system we need.

So, please don’t delay. Please make a generous online gift here, right now.

This is one of the most important events in Tea Party history. We must raise this final $136,000 by Wednesday. We must look Congress in the eye and tell them to Exempt America from Obamacare!

Please give what you can.

Thank you in advance for all your help.

For Freedom,

The Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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