Only one day left!


This Tuesday marks the beginning of our 6th Birthday Money Bomb.

So if you haven’t made your pledge of support yet, now is definitely the time!

Please click here right now and make a generous pledge of $25, $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, or more over the next ten days as we race against the clock to break our fundraising record!


As I’ve told you over the past few days, it is absolutely essential that we hit this fundraising goal in just 10 days.

We must prove to the big government establishment in a very public way that the Tea Party is more powerful than ever.

We need to show them that “We the People” are ready to raise big money to defeat their reckless, big spending agenda!

But in order to do that, we must start this money bomb off with a bang. That’s why we need your pledge today.

Please, click here to get started.

Honestly, my finance team is nervous about this money bomb. They’re not sure if we can hit this goal in just ten days.

I’m confident that we can. I have seen the Tea Party do amazing things in the past six years.

We have rallied by the thousands on Capitol Hill. We have flooded Senate offices with tidal waves of phone calls and emails. Time and again, we have courageously stood against the Obama agenda when no one else dared to stand.

And now, we must do it again. We must show the political establishment – and the nation – that the Tea Party is here to stay.

Please help us kick this money bomb off in a big way. Click here to make your generous pledge right now.

Thank you so much for your support. Let’s do this!

For Liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Co-Founder and National Coordinator

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