Our jobs, borders, and rights aren’t safe


That’s why Claudia is fighting to reform our broken elections


President Biden promised to “unite America” through compromise.


But his agenda tells a different story.


The Biden agenda is arguably the most far-Left, progressive, out-of-touch set of policies we’ve ever seen in Washington.


My name is Claudia Tenney –– I’m a small business owner, Marine mom, conservative patriot, and I’m fighting with everything that I have to keep America great in Congress.


Our jobs, borders, and rights are already being chipped away at just four weeks into his presidency, and we can’t let this agenda go unchecked any longer.


See for yourself:

I’m not sitting on the sidelines in Congress as these radical changes take hold.


Not for one minute.


I’m standing up at every turn to defend America’s jobs, borders, and rights before they’re completely wiped out by the Left. Will you stand with me?


Friend, instead of weakening our nation, we need leaders who will STRENGTHEN our nation –– starting with securing our elections.


Trust me, I’ve seen firsthand how fragile our elections are and how critical it is that we secure every loophole that exists.

How did my race for New York’s 22nd District get so complicated? Two words: Governor Cuomo.


In the confusion of the pandemic, he rushed through last-minute changes to the electoral process by executive order. The changes to the voting rules weren’t clear, and the promised support from the state to help count the surge in absentee ballots never came.


Governor Cuomo changed our electoral process by fiat. And he might have gotten away with it, too.


But when it became clear NY-22 was going to be a photo finish, that’s when the wheels came off.


The close scrutiny with which we had to eye every last ballot revealed so many irregularities. Unregistered voters casting ballots on election day. Dead people voting. It’s what happens when you have no verification system.


Friend, I think that’s unacceptable. 


It’s unfair to our voters. It’s unfair to our constituents. And it’s unfair to our great Republic.


It’s why I’ve been sounding the alarm everywhere I can: we need voter reform, now.


From Albany to Washington, I’ve spent my entire career standing up for conservative voices that are far too often pushed to the side and ignored here in New York.


But Nancy Pelosi’s leadership has turned the People’s House into a partisan circus, hurting American businesses, workers, and families every step of the way. 


This doesn’t have to be the new normal. The government is capable of helping the American people, not hurting them.


I know this from personal experience — I served upstate New York in the State Assembly for six years and represented my district in Congress for two more. It was one of the greatest honors of my life, and we worked hard to make it a little bit easier for single moms and small business owners like me to make ends meet.


Now, I’m bringing that same kind of common sense conservative governance to Washington. Will you stand with me?


Can I count on your support? >>>


I appreciate you reading this whole email. I hope you’ll take the time to stand with me today.

Claudia Tenney