Our three matching donors will match your Giving Tuesday gifts through Friday!

I have great news! Our incredibly generous matching donors have agreed to continue to match all donations through this Friday! We still have three donors who are willing to match your gift, so $25 becomes $100! If you have ever thought about donating to help us fight for liberty, now is the time since your donation will be multiplied by four!


Let me tell you about one really important action your donation will help fund. The tea party movement’s 10th Anniversary is coming up in February – ten years! Remember how many times the media pronounced the tea party dead? We have started planning a celebration to celebrate the achievements of everyday Americans over the last ten years. Americans who work hard, take care of their families, and aren’t funded by a network of political insider, unlike so many left wing activists.

We have done so much good, but there is more than another ten years worth of work to do, so let’s show the fake news media that we are in it for the long haul and that they will never, never keep us down. Help us demonstrate that the tea party is alive and well and ready to FIGHT!

At our 10-Year Anniversary event, we want to be able to include training sessions such as:

  • In-depth training on healthcare legislation, solutions, and messaging – how do we turn the tide against the push for more socialized medicine and how do we finally get a repeal of Obamacare?
  • In-depth training on illegal immigration legislation, solutions, and messaging.
  • In-depth training to learn how we can fight back against judicial activism.

Your triple-matched gift will also help:

  • Fund scholarships for fantastic activists that can’t afford to attend without financial assistance.
  • Cover the costs of the most knowledgeable speakers so that we get the most out of being together.
  • Cover the cost of the venue and other logistics.

Please make a donation by this Friday so that our matching donors can triple match your gift for maximum impact!

Thank you for all you do for freedom and liberty!

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin