Georgia starts second presidential recount today

We’re 21 days out from Election Day. Here’s the news that you’ll want to know:

(1) President Trump delivers remarks for first time since November 5th as he celebrates the Dow crossing 30,000 points (watch the video here)


(2) Georgia has already received more than 750,000 absentee ballot requests for the January 5th Senate run-off reelection


(3) Georgia begins its second recount of the presidential election today

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Oregon Gov Backs Idea of Alerting Authorities on Neighbors Who Violate COVID-19 Restrictions

Welcome to the 4th Reich – You have been assimilated, resistance is not allowed

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Covid lockdowns killing the American dream

High Noon for small business outlets


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Losing restaurants is more than losing great food and ambience. It’s losing the dreams of the owners and their staff. By Frank McCaffrey It was November of 2016 and I had just been flown down to…
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Trump campaign files for Georgia recount

We’re 20 days out from Election Day. Here’s the news that you’ll want to know:

(1) Trump campaign requests another Georgia recount with focus on “signature matching and other vital safeguards”


(2) Georgia county’s Board of Elections fires chief elections clerk fired after more than 2,500 previously un-tallied ballots found during hand recount


(3) Harvard CAPS-Harris poll: 56% of voters want Republicans to keep Senate majority


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WOW: A Third of Democrats Believe The Election Was Stolen From Trump

So 33.3% of Democrats believe the Election was stolen and a further 30% know that it was because they were involved in the scam but are still hoping to get away with it, believing that they can stuff the Supreme Court or ignore it………….BSDEd

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