Moderna CEO: Vaccine could be ready by late October


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The Epoch Times
#Moderna could know whether its #Vaccine candidate for the #CCPVirus is effective by the end of October. CEO Bancel said the timing of the results was dependent on the rates of infection in the areas where trials are being carried out in the US.


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Horrific act against two officers, Lyft chooses sides, 1776 Unites, and more

This week our nation was rocked by one of the most horrific acts of violence against a police officer we’ve seen in a long time. After months of protesting, rioting, and vitriolic anti-police rhetoric from far-left radicals and elected Democrats, two officers were targeted by a lone gunman while onlookers laughed.

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New poll: 54% of voters will vote before Election Day bsd.firetrenhc.copm

With 46 days to Election Day 2020, here’s the news that you’ll want to know:

(1) new poll: 54% of voters will vote before Election Day


(2) Senator slams Pennsylvania court’s decision to accept ballots up to three days after the election


(3) Democrats “on edge” as Biden preps for first presidential debate

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Veterans for Britain Chairman’s Newsletter

Welcome to the second Veterans for Britain Chairman’s Newsletter.

In my last letter I wrote about the importance of continuing the Brexit Overwatch function that we see ourselves in at the moment.  The negotiations, which were convoluted to begin with, have been compounded further by Covid-19, stretching timelines and people’s patience to the limit.  We need to ensure that defence is not used as a negotiating pawn and “thrown under the bus” in the process and keep pressure on MPs in all areas of the negotiations to avoid a “trickle-down” affect having an undue influence on defence.  This is why we joined with  13 other Brexit organisations last week, and wrote to all Members of Parliament asking them to support the Internal Market and Finance Bill.

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From the book of Genesis to John Locke

“What is the good? What is the best way for man to live?”

“Does God exist? Can we know God?”

These questions are at the core of what it means to be human – both in our relationship with each other and with God. Our Western heritage, tracing back to the Hebrews and the ancient Greeks, to Jerusalem and Athens, was where these questions were first asked, and answered.

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