EU Sinks to New Lows in Brexit Battle

The Sixth ‘Road to Brexit’ speech has been delivered by Prime Minister Theresa May in central London this afternoon – relocated from the North because of the snow! In light of recent pressures, the reiteration that Brexit must mean “taking back control of our borders, laws and money” was music to Leavers’ ears, and has quashed the idea we would Remain “aligned” to EU regulations after Leaving the EU! Mrs May also hammered home the point about jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice ceasing to reign supreme in Britain over the control of our own courts!



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Weekly news roundup – Transition trap, customs union capitulation and regulatory divergence deceit

Brexit is descending into a quagmire of EU jargon, legal complexity and meaningless political rhetoric. There is no black or white, but millions of shades of grey. This suits the Remain side. The government’s spin doctors can always salvage a sentence or two from a position paper, legal text or agreement and claim the people’s will is being delivered when it is most definitely not.

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Barnier Backs Down on Threats to Punish Britain

Talks started last week on the Implementation Period, which we are concerned will cause a needless delay to a really strong Brexit. Despite the spirit of cooperation with which Britain has approached the Brexit negotiations, EU negotiators have continued their bullying rhetoric and threats of sanctions. In our last e-Bulletin, we reported on the draft EU negotiating guidelines which would have allowed the Commission to unilaterally cut off British access to the Single Market if EU officials deem us to have breached the rules!

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