Brexit Progress, But at What Cost?

As this is the end of July, we have clearly passed the deadline which Prime Minister Boris Johnson set to agree a Deal with the European Union. However, whilst this is disappointing, there has been significant progress in the negotiations and it is clear the EU is beginning to understand the seriousness of the United Kingdom’s negotiating position. Last week, the EU’s Chief Brexit Negotiator, Michel Barnier, still demanded EU Member States should have rights to access fish in the waters surrounding the UK and for the UK to adhere to the so-called ‘Level-Playing Field’. However, gone is the demand for a huge role for the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in any future relationship. This U-turn from Michel Barnier is a significant one, especially as he also admits there will be no agreement on foreign policy and defence cooperation as part of these trade negotiations. Both concessions have come after the UK refused to consider negotiating either topic.

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Fight breaks out at meeting for Democratic National Convention

Fight breaks out in a key Democratic convention meeting. Sanders campaign co-chair calls it “disgusting, disturbing, unacceptable.” 

“A Democratic Party meeting that leaders hoped would project unity weeks ahead of the national convention instead broke out into a behind-the-scenes feud over corporate money in politics. At a virtual gathering of a key committee for the Democratic National Convention, Bernie Sanders-allied members said Joe Biden appointees called them ‘children’ and made other rude comments in a breakout room where they were talking privately.” (POLITICO)

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