Please read – Update on Iran deal rally


Prevent Holocaust II

Last week, we shocked the Washington Ruling Class again by rallying at local Congressional and Senate offices all across America, demanding that they kill President Obama’s rotten nuclear deal with Iran.

And now, we MUST follow it up with an even BIGGER rally on Capitol Hill.

Tea Party Patriots is committed to making this rally happen. We have already managed to raise some extra funds to our grassroots budget to make the arrangements. But we’re still far behind the budgeted $250,000 needed to get this done right.

We need your help right away!

Please, if at all possible, make an urgent generous contribution of $20, $30, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford to help us pay for these critical grassroots protests.

This is one of the most important grassroots projects in Tea Party history. Ted Cruz and his conservative allies have personally asked us to help them stand up for our nation’s security.

We have promised that we will make this massive rally happen. Our national support team is making the final arrangements as we speak.

But we have a problem. If we can’t raise $250,000 before this September 9th rally, we’re going to have to make some drastic cuts to our normal operating budget.

That’s a choice I really don’t want to have to make. But if we can’t raise these funds, we won’t have any other choice.

Please help us hit this goal with a generous gift right now.

We need to recruit thousands of volunteers to peacefully protest on the steps of the U.S Capitol on September 9th.

We are going to amass vast numbers of conservatives and stand just a few feet away from the offices of members of Congress, demanding that they kill this rotten deal and protect America!

Ted Cruz turned to us in his hour of need because he knows that Tea Party Patriots can deliver. We have local affiliate organizations all across America, ready to defend our country.

We have the grassroots muscle and the coordination to make this critical project a reality.

But what we don’t have at the moment is an extra $250,000 on top of our 2015 operating budget.

So please give anything you can. Without your help, we won’t be able to answer the call and defend America.

I know that with the grassroots might of the Tea Party, we can defeat this rotten deal in Congress. The vote is going to be close, but we can make the difference.

A massive crowd of Tea Party volunteers in Washington will make a huge impression on the politicians who are still on the fence.

But to execute this rally while continuing the fight for liberty across America, we must raise this $250,000. We simply cannot afford to cut back our efforts in this pivotal moment!

Please do what you can. I am counting on you!


For Liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
CEO and Co-Founder

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