Political sonnet on Iran/West tensions from the world’s most prolific Shakespearean sonneteer, Ryan J-W Smith


Ryan J-W Smith, author of ‘500 Shakespearean Sonnets: the diary of a poetic quest for truth’, writes a new sonnet almost everyday in his ‘Sonnet Blog’.

His latest sonnet – his 700th – deals with the rising tensions between the West/Israel and Iran.


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SONNET 700 – September 27th, 2012

And when you strike Iran, what happens next;

You know that Russia cannot let it pass;

Should China bare another false pretext?

Iraq was greed – this is a different class.

Is Israel prepared for holy war;

Are Saudi’s ready for complete revolt;

Is London ripe to taste the terror core?

(This time a true-flag ‘backpack’ would assault.)

Good people of Iran, we are the same:

The West plants victims – we did not ‘elect’!

We citizens (who know) are not to blame:

If we could form a wall, we would deflect.

The honest fool rhymes truthful, if he speaks:

And World War Three, ’tis clear – my ‘master’ seeks.
© Ryan J-W Smith, 2012

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