Pom Pom Battle

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Pom Pom Battle

Welsh-born Ten Pound Pom Julia Gillard pulled off a palace revolution to become leader of the Australian Labour Party making her the first Ten Pound Pom Sheila to lead Australia. Then she made the classic error of calling a snap election to create the prospect of a hung Parliament.

Australians have traditionally been very rude about Brits who emigrate, calling them Poms. Although Poms are despised, they are higher on the food chain than Ten Pound Poms who got to Australia on a Ten Pound One-Way Ticket. It is poetic justice that they now face the certainty that the new Prime Minister will be a Pom, although they could draw comfort from the fact that Tony Abbott was born in London of Australian parents (is that a Pomoz or an OzPom?).

Julia Gillard has traded government for minority status. London-born Tony Abbott has taken the opportunity to overtake Labour, a major achievement, but not enough for stable majority government, emulating the May election in Britain.

The battle now is to persuade enough Green/Independent MPs to provide support to form a Government. This could allow either Labour or the LibCons to form a Government with the LibCons holding the narrow mandate against Labour in seats and votes.

As if the thought of a Ten Pound Pom Sheila as Prime Minister of Australia was causing Bruce and Digger to cry into their Fosters, the real humour of the situation about to unfold.

Their Excellencies Ms Quentin Bryce AC and Mr Michael Bryce AM AE are both Australians. Representing the British Queen, as Governor General, Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce will get to decide which Pom becomes Australian Prime Minister.

Julia Gillard is keen, she claims, to see Australia represented by Australians and wants the Queen to be replaced by an Australian President. So it would be real justice to see her passed over by a decision from an Australian representing the Queen AND Australia. Of course what the Ten Pound Pom really means is that she would like to see an elected President of Australia who could be a Ten Pound Pom Sheila.

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