President Obama “all in” for the 2020 campaign

President Obama reportedly “all in” for 2020 campaigning and presidential election.

“Obama, for his part, has not hidden the contempt he feels toward his successor, though people within his orbit say he does not exhibit the same consuming animus that Trump apparently harbors. […] ‘All in,’ were the words they used to describe his commitment to the fall campaign.” (LA Times)

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Although the LA Times story is a glowing review of President Obama, there’s an interesting point made clear: President Obama is “all in” on the 2020 election, according to his long-time advisor David Axelrod (among other sources).


Former presidents have returned to the campaign trail. Bill Clinton stumped for Hillary in 2016, though his performance was criticized and dubbed “lackluster.” (TIME)


But President Obama has long used “unity” rhetoric as cover for his deeply divisive political style and far-left policy ideas.


For him to criticize his immediate successor in the Oval Office — especially over the partisan fights that the campaign trail will likely bring — feels consistent with his actions … but just plain wrong, especially in a year that has been so challenging for so many Americans.

MSNBC host wants President Trump kicked off Twitter — and says she’s going to the “head of Twitter.”

“Brzezinski was not finished, carrying her complaints onto to Twitter, specifically decrying the fact that Trump is allowed free speech on the platform. ” (Daily Wire)

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In one of several tweets, Mika Brzezinski — co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe — made her goal clear: “I will be reaching out to head of twitter about their policies being violated every day by President Tump. Hope my call is taken. Please retweet if you agree”


She later tweeted that a call was “set up” with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and “the GC,” which we assume means General Counsel.


The issue seems to have been sparked by President Trump’s tweets critical of Joe Scarborough, Mika’s husband and TV co-host.


But make no mistake: pushing President Trump off Twitter — where he can communicate directly with the American people — has long been a goal for the far left.

Watch: Joe Biden criticizes President Trump … and forgets (on live TV!) that President Obama did the same thing.

“Former vice president Joe Biden drew a blank on Tuesday when asked about former president Barack Obama’s dismissal of an inspector general from his administration. ‘Early in his term, President Obama fired the AmeriCorps inspector general, Gerald Walpin, who was reportedly investigating one of his political supporters,’ Yahoo News‘s Dan Klaidman said to Biden during a virtual town hall. ‘In retrospect was that a mistake?'” (Washington Free Beacon)

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Last week, the State Department inspector general was fired. The left was, predictably, outraged, and Joe Biden used the news event to try to score political points on TV. He said that he’d never fire an inspector general and talked about the important role they play.


But as Biden was reminded in a live TV interview, the Obama Administration did the exact same thing! In 2009, President Obama fired an inspector general — who then claimed the firing was “politically motivated.”


Biden’s response in the live TV interview was simple: “I don’t recall that.”


That can’t be the answer his campaign team was hoping for.

President Trump is in Michigan today to see a Ford plant that’s now making ventilators for the COVID-19 response.

Trump will tour a Ford Motor Co. plant in Ypsilanti repurposed to make ventilators needed to treat COVID-19 patients, despite an order put in place by Whitmer requiring manufacturing facilities to “suspend all non-essential in-person visits, including tours” as part of the state’s battle against the spread of the coronavirus. ” (USA Today)

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When shortages of PPE and ventilators were discovered this spring, the Trump Administration went into action. President Trump even invoked the Defense Production Act to ensure the manufacturing of critical supplies.


Now President Trump will tour a Ford plant today that’s been set up to produce ventilators for the COVID-19 response.



And, on a final note: as always, we wish for the health and safety of you, your family, and your community at this uncertain time. Stay safe and see you tomorrow!