President Trump calls in to PA GOP election hearing

We’re 22 days out from Election Day. Here’s the news that you’ll want to know:

(1) President Trump calls in to the Pennsylvania GOP hearing on the election


(2) House Democrats still scrambling after disastrous November election; “Democrats publicly airing long-simmering personal and ideological grudges”


(3) Georgia recount continues over Thanksgiving weekend


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families tomorrow. Just for fun, enjoy this feature on Corn and Cob, the Thanksgiving turkeys that President Trump pardoned yesterday.

President Trump called in to the Pennsylvania GOP hearing on election today.

President Trump canceled plans on Wednesday to attend an event orchestrated by Pennsylvania Republicans to highlight allegations of election irregularities. Trump was expected to join Rudy Giuliani and other legal representatives affiliated with his campaign at the event at a hotel in Gettysburg, but it was scrapped at the last moment. The trip was never officially on Trump’s schedule, but multiple news outlets reported he planned to make an appearance.” (The Hill)

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  • President Trump called in to the Pennsylvania hearing this afternoon and to thank the people who participated.


  • Pennsylvania Republicans are hosting a hearing on the election in their state today. Rudy Giuliani, who is coordinating the Trump campaign’s legal response, is also attending.


  • Early reports suggested that President Trump would be at the hearing in-person, but updated news this afternoon indicated his trip was canceled so he will remain at the White House.


House Democrats still scrambling after disastrous November election.

“‘The folks who had some difficulty winning — ads around socialism or defunding the police — those weren’t their beliefs, but it’s hard to overcome message after message on that,’ added Rep. Cindy Axne (D-Iowa), who also represents a swing district and is backing Maloney. ‘I think we all know Democrats have a hard time of sometimes putting a succinct message out there.'” (POLITICO)

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  • Now House Democrats are still battling internal challenges over messaging and priorities, as moderates blame the progressives’ focus on socialism and defunding police for losses.


  • As POLITICO put it, with the emphasis ours: “The contest comes amid a messy bout of soul searching within the caucus, with Democrats publicly airing long-simmering personal and ideological grudges as they spar over why they lost 11 incumbents when party leaders were confidently predicting gains.”

Georgia recount continues over Thanksgiving weekend.

“In the case of the latest recount, triggered by the Trump campaign due to the margin between the president and President-Elect Joe Biden being within half a percentage point, the largest Georgia counties are having to get creative with the Thanksgiving holiday looming. On Tuesday, counties started preparing for the recount. Workers were trained and high-speed scanners were tested for accuracy and proper function.” (11Alive News / WXIA)

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  • Georgia started its third count — and second recount — of the presidential election results yesterday. The recount will continue for the next week and must be finished by next Wednesday, December 2. The Trump campaign had requested the recount over the weekend.



  • Counties each have their own plans around the Thanksgiving holiday. Some are giving election works Thursday and Friday off; others will take tomorrow off and resume work on Friday.