President Trump will Address the Nation Tonight about the Border

On December 18, 2018, on the pages of, while the government shutdown loomed, I urged President Trump to address the nation in a primetime television address from the Oval Office. After the piece posted, we asked you to help spread the message, and hundreds of you answered the call and shared my letter to the president across social media platforms. Tonight, we will hear from the president in a primetime address to the nation and I am so proud of you for the role that you played in urging the president to do so.

This isn’t the first time President Trump has listened to us and it surely won’t be the last. This is proof that when we come together and make our voices heard, President Trump will listen. I can’t say the same thing about the rest of Washington, but President Trump is different. He truly cares about the safety and well-being of the American people.

Tonight, the president will address the ongoing crisis on the border and make an appeal to the nation that it’s time to build the wall and secure our border once and for all.

Immediately following his address, the Democrats and the mainstream media will double down on their efforts to discredit him and try to convince the American people that there is no real crisis and that a border wall is not necessary.

Don’t be fooled. We have been to the border. We have seen the problems and heard about the atrocities that are happening there from the American citizens who live and work along the border. In our documentary The Border States of America, we traveled the border from Texas to Arizona and spoke to border sheriffs, border patrol agents, and ICE officers. Through their eyes, our film highlights the truth that the media is failing to report.

Last week, we created a series of short clips from our time at the border and we encourage you to share them far and wide on social media. It is important that we get the truth out so that the American people understand truly urgent it is that we secure the border.

Today, I’m asking you to do three simple things:

Watch our videos from the border.

Border is on Fire!

Then please share it on Facebook and retweet it on Twitter.

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Sign our Petition to urge Congress to provide funding for the border wall.


Tell us your thoughts by completing our brief survey on border security.


If you do these three simple things, it will help get the message out, which will help President Trump in his fight to secure the border. If you want to take even more action, you can send the following tweets.

The more we spread the message, the more pressure it will put on politicians in Washington to do the right thing. So please, share these videos far and wide. I hope you’ll also find time to watch the president’s speech tonight and post words of support on Facebook and Twitter.

When the address is over tonight, please take 5 minutes to tell us what you think about President Trump’s address, and what is happening at the border. Again, just take 5 minutes after the President’s address tonight to tell us what you think.

And finally, I just want to say a HUGE thank you to all of our supporters. Whether you have supported Tea Party Patriots with your time or with donations over the years, YOUR support is why we have a president who listens to the American people. YOU built that, and with YOUR help, we are going to stand with President Trump as he fights on our behalf, and gets the wall built.

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin