Promotion for Blunderwoman?


Home Secretary “Blunderwoman” Smith setting new standards for incompetence in Government

Has British Home Secretary “Blunderwoman” Smith qualified for promotion?

Initially regarded as a “safe pair of hands” and a potential replacement as Prime Minister for Gordon “Bottler” Brown, Blunderwoman rapidly began to demonstrate her high level of incompetence.

During the last week she has excelled herself, both in the incompetence of her governance of the Home Office, and in her incompetence when trying to pass the blame to other people. These are qualities highly valued by Bottler Brown and as he prepared for yet another Blair Brown Regime Cabinet shuffle, Blunderwoman could receive a new job that would enable her to demonstrate her incompetence in a new department.

Her latest blunders include the attempt to create a photo-opportunity on the back of paedofile Paul Gad’s flight back to the UK from jail in Vietnam. Gad ran rings around her and greatly enjoyed the attention of the world’s Press. Then there was yet another loss of highly sensitive information, this time the details of 130,000 of the most dangerous criminals held in British jails. The result may be a welter of claims for damages from the prisoners and demands for 24 x 7 police protection when they are released.

Previous Home Secretary John Reid once infamously declared the Home Office as “not fit for purpose”. Blunderwoman’s latest efforts demonstrate that she is not fit to run a welk stall.

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