Proof Brussels hates national sovereignty & petition against new EU migration

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Are you sitting comfortably?

Emblazoned on the wall in the EU Parliament’s Visitors Centre are these words: “National sovereignty is the root cause of the most crying evils of our times… The only final remedy for this supreme and catastrophic evil of our time is a federal union of the peoples…( you simply can’t trust the French and the Germans )”.


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When you are encouraging your friends and colleagues to support Get Britain Out’s campaign, show them this quote and they will appreciate the kind of people we are fighting. Thank you, Leo McKinstry, for highlighting this.

Flushed with their own importance
In a move that caused absolutely no surprise, but much hilarity, Brussels announced its plans for EU standards on the flushing of lavatories and urinals. According to EurActive, a working group has spent in excess of two years and £70,000 making a survey of Continental crappers, including a meeting in the sunny Spanish tourist destination of Seville. Amongst the findings of these excrement experts was the important insight that “toilet seats/covers are not really related to the product function”! With the endless stream of regulation from the EU, it’s no surprise that Europe’s economy is going down the bog.

Petition against new EU migration
The Daily Express has started a new campaign calling on the Government to defy the EU by keeping controls in place on migration from Bulgaria and Romania after 31 December this year. That’s when the door to Britain would otherwise be flung wide open, with Bulgarians and Romanians enjoying the same freedom of movement as those from other EU member states. Please sign the petition, then forward this e-mail on to your friends and urge them to sign too.

Planned on the back of a fag packet?
Earlier this month MEPs took it upon themselves to do a spot of extra regulation of cigarettes, banning both flavoured cigarettes and packs of 10. Beyond there being absolutely no reason for the EU to be sticking its nose into this area, as many people noted, if you want people to smoke less then forcing them to buy packs of 20 rather than 10 looks like a pretty strange way to go about it!

Czech it out
Former PM and President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, is already known as a trenchant critic of the EU. He caused considerable irritation to Brussels by holding up ratification of the Lisbon Treaty as long as he could, for example. Still, he was taking no prisoners at his recent book launch. Mr Klaus’s reported views on what would happen if the Czechs left the EU? “Absolutely nothing.” Spot on, Sir!

Warming to his theme, he continued: “the whole of Europe will leave the EU sooner or later, and it will leave Barroso and Rompuy sitting alone in Brussels”. We could have a race: last one out has to pay Lord Kinnock’s pension!

Thank you
Many thanks to all of you who have donated recently. Your contributions, large and small, are very much appreciated and your generosity enable us to keep on campaigning. Please visit our website’s donations page if you too would like to donate.

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James Harvard
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