Putting Country before Party

Saturday, 28th November 2009

UKIP’s new leader today reiterated the Party’s position when it comes to electoral deals. Malcolm Pearson said, “Of course we will do deals. If we could get a written guarantee of a referendum on our relationship with a post-Lisbon European Union, then it would the right thing to do.”

The UK Independence Party has often said that if such a question could be put to the British people it would be the party’s duty to work to that end. He went on, “Now I am leader, that position does not change.”

“What is clear is that UKIP is not going to disband, and would not disband until our country’s independence was secured. We might have stood back in this one election to work to that end. In this way we are like the vast majority of the people of Britain. We do not trust the political class any more than they do,” he said.

“We are always ready to put our country before our party. The Tories cannot now complain that we will be damaging them in the general election. We offered a way out for them which they declined. Now we will be fighting for every vote, against them, Labour and all comers. UKIP have a distinctive voice, a voice shared in the main by the people of our country”.

Nigel Farage, the former Party leader pointed out, “Our offer to work with anyone who is prepared to offer the people a choice on their future is well known. I talked about it before the European elections in June, I have discussed it at our National Executive, I talked about it during our Conference.

“It may be hard for the media and the political elite to understand but we mean what we say. We want a referendum on our future as an independent nation. That desire, the desire to return democracy to this land, supersedes tribal loyalty to this or any party.”

Hear the podcast of Lord Pearson on the Today program at 7.33am at this link

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