Quick Regrets

Nimrod MRA4- overIrishSea

Didn’t take long for “Flashman” Cameron to regret the vindictive scrapping of the new Nimrod 4 maritime reconnaissance and covert operations command aircraft.

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When the Brokeback Coalition decided to emasculate the British Armed Services to save money, the most illogical step was to scrap the new Nimrod 4 aircraft that had been completed and paid for by the taxpayers. Some have suggested that this was designed to underline the finality of the defence cuts.

In weeks, the next conflict has rapidly unfolded and Britain is able to commit only a handful of Tornado bombers and the new Typhoon II fighter that has yet to have a bombing capability funded and added. Then came news yesterday that MOD had managed to get two of the older Nimrod aircraft, of the type that exploded over Afghanistan, back into service to send to Libya.

One story circulating yesterday claimed that “Flashman” had been round to ask Chancellor Osbourne for some folding money so that he could bid on eBay for two Invincible Class carriers.


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