Rampant Anti-Brexit Bias Across the Establishment

All of Great Britain must have let out a collective groan this week, as draft Treasury so-called Brexit ‘impact assessments’ were suspiciously leaked into the public domain. This reaction was not prompted by the fictitious content of the reports, however, but was rather an indicator of how discredited the Treasury has become as a forecasting body, seemingly dedicated to promote an anti-Brexit bias.


Just before the EU Referendum in May 2016, ‘Project Fear’ promised an economic Armageddon if Britain voted to Leave the EU: 800,000 of us would lose our jobs – and the economy would collapse as it plunged the country into a deep recession and each household would be £4,300 worse off.

Did this happen? NO!

Looking back now, with record levels of employment, and an economy growing at consistently strong rates, we can see just how ludicrous these claims were. Given this horrific track record, the fervour with which many Remoaner MPs jumped upon these latest economic forecasts – even though they were only drafts – as if they were gospel truths and a justification to stop Brexit – was absurd, but not surprising.

Questions must be asked about who leaked these drafts to BuzzFeed and then into the public domain in the first place. We doubt we will ever know. Given their erroneous content will strengthen the hand of the Chancellor, Philip Hammond – and his campaign for a ‘soft’ Brexit or no Brexit at all – he would have undoubtedly found its leaking highly convenient.

There are also strong suspicions amongst Brexiteers that the economic model upon which these dubious forecasts were based, was deliberately created to produce negative outcomes. Civil Servants are contractually obliged to be impartial and remain objective. However, increasingly this does not seem to be happening. As far as Brexit is concerned, they are allowing their innate ‘Remain’ bias to influence the results of research like this, which could be used as ammunition to push for Britain to remain in the Customs Union.

It is vital those tasked with carrying out the will of the people do not allow personal preferences to stand in the way of delivering the wishes of 17.4 million Britons.

Elsewhere in Westminster, the EU (Withdrawal) Bill is now with the House of Lords. The legislation, designed to end the supremacy of EU law, has faced severe criticism from fanatical pro-EU Peers who have continued to lecture the Great British Public on how they ‘got it wrong’. For the most part they threw smears and insults at Brexiteers, and insinuated that ignorance and a supposed ‘Russian’ influence were key to Leave’s victory!

After all of this anti-Brexit posturing, they did, however, allow the Bill to pass unmolested – at this stage! Later this month they plan to table dozens of amendments in the Committee stages, designed to scupper a ‘Real’ Brexit.

To further compound establishment bias, it has been revealed this week the BBC has pursued a disgracefully anti-Brexit agenda on its flagship political programmes. The Institute of Economic Affairs released a study this week, which showed of the 281 guests who have appeared on Question Time and Any Questions between 2016 and 2017, 69% were Remain supporting – so hardly a balanced lineup.

Given the BBC continues to receive large amounts of funding from the EU, these latest revelations should not come as too much of a surprise!

On Monday, the European Council took all of 2 whole minutes to agree to the EU’s negotiating guidelines for any Transition Period. A short while later, the EU’s Chief Negotiator  Michel Barnier angered Get Britain Out by making stridently absurd demands.

Unfettered Freedom of Movement would continue, laws passed by unelected Eurocrats would enter the British Statute Books and our fishing waters would remain inundated with foreign fishing vessels, continuing the destruction of a proud British industry. All of this would take place without a single British voice in the European institutions to defend our interests, and would render us nothing short of a vassal state.

If Theresa May passively accepts these terms, Britain will remain a de facto member of the European Union during the proposed Transition Period – IE for a further 21 months – until December 2020 – more than 4 years after we voted to Leave! This is not what we voted for, and is completely unacceptable.

To accept these terms would be an insult to the Great British Public, and would delay us enjoying all the countless benefits a clean break from the EU would provide until 2021 – if at all.

Already the Transition Period is being seen by many – in both Westminster and Brussels – as an opportunity to covertly keep the United Kingdom tied to the European Union indefinitely. EU sources this week have even claimed the Transition Period could easily be extended for possibly up to 5 years.

NO – there will be rioting on the streets all over Great Britain as people are already seriously fed up with the delays.

In more uplifting news, Theresa May, along with the Secretary of State for International Trade, Dr Liam Fox, has been visiting China with 50 UK business leaders to enhance our existing business deals. China is one of the fastest growing economies of the world, and a country which the EU has failed to agree a trade deal with.

In a strong indication of China’s desire to negotiate a comprehensive free trade deal with an independent Britain, UK-EU business deals valuing £9 billion were agreed this week, creating 2,500 British jobs. The Prime Minister said this achievement has shown “Global Britain in action”.

Anticipation of life outside the EU is also taking place in the Ministry of Defence. Gavin Williamson, the Defence Secretary, has demanded all EU flags be removed from MoD buildings immediately, with only the British flag to be flown henceforth. We at Get Britain Out wholeheartedly support this decision and believe it is high time other members of the Cabinet begin to display similar levels of patriotism.

And now, for what we’ve been up to recently:

On CapX, our Peter Lyon points out how the CBI will not accept Leaving the EU means Leaving its Single Market and Customs Union. He explains how the part-EU funded big business organisation is ignoring the real benefits of Brexit for small businesses. (Why the CBI wants to delay and dilute Brexit)

For The Commentator, our Robert Bates discussed how laws made by unelected EU officials hold back the British entrepreneurial spirit. Leaving the EU will allow us to cut unnecessary red tape and build a more dynamic economy. (Small business bonanza after Brexit)

Again for The Commentator, our Daniel Huggins discusses how the EU is now aiming to try and keep us within a Single Market-like state, as a de facto dependent vassal, continuing to pay vast sums of money into their ever-inflating, unaccountable budget. (The EU’s doomed plot to halt a real Brexit)

Exclusively for Get Britain Out, Conservative blogger Robert Barnes points out the British people did not vote for a Transition Period after Brexit, where we will still have to accept ‘Freedom of Movement’ or to stay in the Customs Union or Single Market. (Britain Must Break Free to Benefit from Brexit)

For Comment Central, Peter talks about how the Labour Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, should be getting on with his day job of running London, instead of pontificating about Brexit. His continued doom-mongering about Leaving the Single Market are not helpful to the important business and finance sectors in London. (Sadiq Khan needs to get back to his day job)

In our latest article for The Commentator, Daniel talks about Brexit, being above all, about reasserting democracy. The anti-democratic posturing in the House of Lords by unelected cronies, reminds us radical reform, or even abolition of this outdated relic, may have to be another milestone on the road to re-establishing the sovereignty of the British people. (Bring down the Lords if they bring down Brexit)

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