Rand has stood at the side of my father

Have you followed the charade happening on the Senate floor? Can you believe we even had to go through that?

Democrats have been HELL bent on invalidating the last election since day one!



One Senator has stood up to defend President Trump over and over against this liberal sham, Senator Rand Paul. For months, Rand has stood with my father against Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi’s scam since day one.


Rand outdid himself last week at the “Impeachment” trial in the Senate.

For months, Rand has stood at the side of my father, in hopes of ending the Democrat led witchhunt. Last week, Rand stood up on the Senate floor and tried to name the Obama partisans that plotted to bring about this scam of an impeachment in the first place. After all, isn’t it right for you and I to know how this all came about? Unfortunately, his question was REFUSED.

Since the impeachment has started, the media and the left has been attacking Senator Paul because of his support towards justice, my father, and the will of the American people. And I want to make sure to help him stand up to the attacks he is now facing.

The impeachment might be over, but democrats are out with a vengeance against our allies.

You and I know the deal – for his courage in defending my father, the Resistance has now targeted Rand Paul threatening to “arrest” and calling to physically harm him.

They do this to my father, to me and to our entire family every day.


Now Rand Paul needs your help.

Please help him to defend himself against the mainstream media and the leftwing mob.

It took serious strength of character for Rand to stand up during the impeachment trial. You and I know – The impeachment of my father didn’t occur by accident.

The Deep State plotted during the campaign to bring him down. Yet the mainstream media continues to cover up the Deep State’s methodical and diabolical attempts to “take down” President Donald Trump. Senator Rand Paul has been exposing them. He fought them. He stood up for my father when others would not.

Now he needs our help.

Rand Paul is standing with President Donald Trump, I hope you will now stand with him!
P.S. Some in the media have called for Rand to be arrested. Some Democrats have called for Rand to be Censored or even resign. We can’t let that happen, show your support today and help Rand keep America great.