re: the truth about…

Radicals in the media try to avoid the facts but even they can’t run from the truth about what’s happening now.

Because of the failure of the Biden administration…

  • America is failing to hold China accountable for their role in the pandemic.
  • Millions of people are flooding our southern border, creating a bigger and bigger humanitarian crisis. 
  • American energy prices are skyrocketing and businesses continue to suffer.

I’m doing my part to hold them accountable and get our nation on track, but Ian, I need to make sure you’re with me. As we approach our end of month deadline I’m asking every supporter to chip in just $25 NOW to help me reach my fundraising goal. Can you help out?

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Ian, with stakes as high as they are now I can guarantee everyone will be watching to see how we do.


And they would love to see us fail. 


But I know we’re stronger than ever and we’re not backing down from the challenge. We will continue to fight their failing policies and anti-freedom agenda. And together, we will succeed. 


Please, join me today to show these anti-freedom liberals where we stand.


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Thank you in advance.

In liberty,

Rand Paul