Reaching the Kavanuagh endgame, what it means for the upcoming election, and other things you need to know

After GOP leaders caved to the demands of Senate Democrats calling for a week-long FBI investigation, Democrats are now denouncing the results and calling it flawed. What they really meant to say is the results of the FBI probe did not reveal what they wanted. In America, we are all presumed innocent until proven guilty. Period. There is zero evidence or corroboration to support these allegations, and an avalanche of evidence that proves Judge Kavanaugh is an upstanding, good, kind, and just man. The attacks against Kavanaugh were nothing more than a character assassination strategy used to gridlock the process.

The full Senate floor vote will take place later today, ending a long and exhausting process orchestrated and obstructed by the Senate Democrats.

Moms for Kavanaugh released a powerful new video. A must-see. Please share this important video with your families, friends, and senator. We will lose the ability to have justice for assault victims if we lose the presumption of innocence in our country.

Moms for Kavanaugh

One thing is certain, we will keep this orchestrated charade, and the senators who vote “No” on Kavanaugh, in mind at the polls in November.

“Impeach”: a word thrown around a lot by the Democrats. If they re-take the House in November, they will drive a campaign to not only try to impeach President Trump but also impeach would-be Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. If President Trump gets impeached, America will relapse back into the economic slump it was in under eight years of the Obama Administration. We have worked hard to drain the Swamp and refuse to see it bubbling back up again.

That’s why we hope you will get out to vote in November and to put an end to the madness erupting from the left. If Democrats take back the majority, we may see something worse than eight years under the Obama Administration.

Attention, DC residents! Tea Party Patriots Action is hosting a screening of INVALIDATED: The Shredding of the U.S. Patent System on Tuesday, October 9, in Washington, DC. Now available to watch on Amazon Prime and iTunes, INVALIDATED is a must-see for patriots who want to learn everything about the assault on American innovation.

This award-winning documentary follows the story of Josh Malone and his battle to protect his invention “Bunch O Balloons.” Invalidated reveals how America’s current patent system is failing. Today’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) system makes it easier and cheaper for large companies to simply infringe patents rather than pay legitimate patent-holders for the use of their inventions.

The United States once led the world in new medications, new technology, and new ideas. American inventors and their inventions touched the lives of people in every country, of every race and every language. But our weakening Patent system is invalidating their property rights – and with it, their incentive to create. Building something and owning it is the American Dream, but without a strong patent system, the American Dream will be invalidated!

Please consider attending on October 9th. Learn more about the event and how to RSVP. We hope to see you there!

What You Need to Know this Week

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Blue-collar jobs thrive
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