Read why Huawei is bad for Britain and contact your local MP

The Government’s decision to involve Chinese technology company, Huawei, to build Britain’s 5G network will put our national security at risk.

In fact, along with many others, I am convinced that this is the worst decision taken by a UK government for many years.

Allowing Huawei into the heart of our planned 5G network threatens the vital “Five Eyes” intelligence partnership with the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It also threatens the future of NATO, and crucially, our prospects of post-Brexit trade deals with Australia and the USA. I’ve laid out all the arguments in my Newsweek column for you to read here.

The truth is that we have ended up in this position because senior establishment figures in British public life have been bought and paid for by China. We didn’t free Britain from Brussels only to bow before Beijing.

This is an urgent matter of strategic national security and The Brexit Party encourages you to write to your Member of Parliament and set out your concerns. You can find your MP’s name and address here:

Senior Conservative figures such as David Davis and Sir Iain Duncan Smith are speaking out against the Government on this issue, but it’s up to us all to keep up the pressure. Boris Johnson must change his mind on Huawei, and we can only make that happen with your help.

Best Wishes,

Nigel Farage
Leader of The Brexit Party