Remainers Seize the Brexit Committee


The past month has been packed with good news concerning Brexit. It is unfortunate we have to start this newsletter with some bad news. Much to our disappointment, the arch-Remainer Hillary Benn has been elected by MPs to Chair the new Brexit Committee. This, along with the recent attempts by other Remoaner MPs to delay the activation of Article 50, shows we still have much work to do to ensure Brexit actually happens. We will continue our campaign and do our utmost to stop attempts by these bitter Remaniacs in the Palace of Westminster, who want to undermine the democratic will of the Great British Public. We will not rest until we have achieved our aim to Get Britain Out of the EU.

The past month has seen numerous speeches from British politicians about Brexit. The Prime Minister, in her first speech to the Conservative Party Conference as leader, responded to the defeatism which consumes much of the political establishment. Even staunch Remainers, like the new Home Secretary Amber Rudd, appear to have come to terms with Brexit. But there is one figure who is still regurgitating ‘Project Fear’, and this is the man who is supposed to be running Brexit Britain’s economy, the Chancellor, Philip Hammond. In an article for Breitbart, our Campaign Director, Jayne Adye explains why the PM must not allow Hammond and the Treasury to undermine Brexit and the will of the 17.4 million who voted Leave. Another one of our team, Matthew Ellery, also discussed Philip Hammond and Brexit on RTUK TV News earlier this week. Click here to view the video. (PM May Must Not Allow Hammond to Undermine Brexit).

It appears Theresa May was listening! She has subsequently reprimanded Hammond over his recent comments on overseas student numbers still being included in the immigration figures. Get Britain Out now needs your help to support the Prime Minister and to show Remoaners, like Hammond, the error of their ways. Please use the button below to see a draft letter we are urging all our supporters to send to the Chancellor, calling on him to stop trying to undermine Brexit and to accept the will of the Great British Public – please feel free to amend as you wish.


Today we wrote an article for the recently formed BrexitCentral. In this we discuss Get Britain Out’s research, which has revealed the EU’s extraordinary waste and misuse of funds. The EU plans to spend €4 million on creating a ‘European Year of Cultural Heritage’. Another report revealed an extraordinary misuse of EU funds to candidate countries attempting to join the EU, such as Turkey, and claims there have been 397 cases of irregularities regarding EU funding to candidate countries since 2002. (Matthew Ellery: The continued misuse of our money by the EU underlines the case for taking back control)

The last couple of weeks have provided yet more signs of Britain’s bright trading future following Brexit. In The Commentator, Jayne discussed numerous positive interventions from figures across the globe in favour of Brexit. These ranged from Liu Xiaoming, China’s Ambassador to the UK, who told attendees at an HSBC forum, Chinese businessmen are not disappointed by the result of June’s referendum; to Tony Abbott, the former Prime Minister of Australia, who revealed his plan for a comprehensive free-trade deal between Australia and Britain. (Britain’s bright future after Brexit)

One of the most vocal critics of Brexit since the referendum is the Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. At the start of the month Sturgeon, speaking at the annual conference of the Institute of Directors (IoD) in London, blamed Brexit on the UK Government’s austerity policies! Jayne responded to these absurd claims in an article for Breitbart, pointing out Sturgeon was blustering over Brexit in order to try and paper over the problems she and the SNP are facing. (Brexit Has Left Sturgeon and Scottish Nationalism Floundering)

The last fortnight has seen Deutsche Bank in crisis following the announcement of a $15 billion (£10.8 billion) fine by the U.S. Department of Justice for the German bank’s mis-selling of mortgage-backed securities in 2005-07. Jayne responded again, highlighting how the enormity of the crisis surrounding Deutsche Bank was another illustration Brexit was the right decision. (Could Deutsche Bank crisis cause the EU to collapse?)

The new tactic used by Remoaners is to try draw an absurd distinction between ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ Brexit. In reality what they mean is a true Brexit vs Remaining inside the EU via the backdoor. John Redwood MP explains why there is no such thing as ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ Brexit and the real choice facing Theresa May is over how much access the UK has to the single market. (There are no such things as hard and soft Brexit)

We wrote for Huffington Post in response to European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker’s suggestion that the Brexit vote was based on 40 years of lies and the lies of ‘Leave’ campaigners. In reality the lies came from the ‘Remain’ campaign. They said Brexit would result in the end of western political civilisation, World War 3, a punishment budget, recession and unemployment. In the short period since Brexit it is clear these were all lies. ‘Remain’ campaigners need to look in the mirror. (Leave Lies? Remainers Need to Look in the Mirror)

Last week we wrote another piece for The Commentator in which we argued the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has changed tact from ‘Project Fear’ to ‘Remoaner’. They said Brexit would cause a serious shock to the UK economy costing £100 billion, resulting in the loss of 950,000 jobs. Despite only a few months passing since the referendum result, it is clear these predictions were fundamentally false. The UK’s economy looks stable, with key economic indicators showing a bright future. Unfortunately, the CBI has not held its hands up. Instead, it continues to peddle the myth of economic collapse. However, we really doubt their members will continue to be impressed by a display of sour grapes – bringing businesses into disrepute and damaging our reputation in the world. (The CBI’s journey from ‘Project Fear’ to ‘Remoaner’)

The EU project is failing. Brexit is the symptom rather than the cause. The UK is the first domino which could topple the entire political project of a United States of Europe. The problem for the EU is these issues are not easily resolved. Euroscepticism is the result of a variety of different EU policies, and there is no magic bullet to cure it. In an article for Breitbart we set out the forms Euroscepticism is taking on the continent – and why it is on the rise. (Across Europe Euroscepticism is on the Rise, and is Here to Stay)

The Labour Party is in turmoil. Its ideology, policies and future are all unclear. The vast majority of its members and MPs campaigned for ‘Remain’ in the EU Referendum, despite a third of its voters backing ‘Leave’. This has resulted in accusations of snobbery, and a view in the forgotten communities of this country – Labour is out of touch and no longer represents them. For Huffington Post we describe the approach the Labour Party must take in relation to Brexit to prevent electoral oblivion. (A Sensible Brexit Policy Is The Only Way To Save The Labour Party)

We thank you for your continued support, and once again encourage you to open the link button above to send an e-mail or a letter to the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, to encourage him to support his boss the Prime Minister and the Brexit team. He should instead focus on ensuring the world sees us as a truly global and ‘open for business’ Great Britain.


Jayne Adye, Director and the Team at Get Britain Out

P.S. It is important to spread information and the truth about this vital issue, so please forward this e-Bulletin to as many of your colleagues, friends and family to Sign Up to our campaign (if they have not already done so) so they can all receive these information bulletins. The more people who understand what’s going on, the better. All information remains confidential.

P.P.S. We hugely appreciate your help, both financially and otherwise. If you have any queries, please e-mail them to, and we will do our best to help, or pass on your requests. Everything you contribute in donations goes directly towards our continued work to secure the best Brexit for Great Britain. Do please also think about donating to our vital campaign.



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