Republic of Arc Manche gets a flag


The Eurocrats affirm their belief that the gravy train is still rolling and exempt from the financial crisis engulfing Europe.


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The citizens of the Soviet Republic of Arc Manche probably thought the nightmare had gone away. The French Eurocrat appointed by fellow Eurocrats as first President of the new Soviet Republic has been keeping a low profile and concentrating on spending money.

The result of this spending has been a new Flag of Arc Manche it has only cost a few million Euro which as a rapidly debasing currency is less that it sounds but still a substantial sum of tax Euros.

The Balkanization of Europe has also been refined. The lucky people of these new Soviet republics have yet to be told which Eurocrats will be appointed to rule them. The title of “President” is expected to be replaced by the title “Lord High Protector” along the lines of the German Protector of Bohemia appointed by Hitler to rule conquered territory in Central Europe.

In the latest boundaries:

The old republic of Ireland has been merged with Wales. Northern Ireland has been merged with South West Scotland, North West England, the West Midlands of England and South West England. This new Soviet Republic is expected to become the Ulster Republic with a flag showihng a red hand on a grey background. The Capital is expected to be Belfast.

The remainder of England, parts of Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, North West Germany, South West Sweden and Southern Norway are to be merged. This new Soviet Republic is expected to become the North Sea Republic. The Capital is expected to be Copenhagen. The flag is expected to feature runic symbols on a blue background.

North West Scotland, the Orkneys, the Hebrides, the Shetlands, Central and Northern Norway, Spitsbergen, the Lofoten and Vesteralen Islands, Greenland, Iceland, and French Canada are to be merged. This new Soviet Republic is expected to become the Outlands Republic. The Capital is expected to be Reykjavic. The flag is expected to be a golden winged helmet on a red background.

It is understood that the boundaries have already been drawn up for the remaining territory considered by Eurocrats to be European territory, but details have yet to be released and may be concealed until after the establishment of the Soviet Republics already announced. The next Soviet Republic to be announced is expected to be Atlantic Republic created by merging British and French territories, including the Azores, Ascension Island, the Falklands and Antarctica, with a capital at Port Stanley in the Falklands.

Amongst the promotional products to present the new Republics is a new computer game “World Domination”.

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