Return to Internment – or Just Bribery?


The first momentous event of the last week was the vote in the British Parliament on 42 Days Detention Without Charge.

At first glance this may not seem to be of international importance, but the Mother of Parliaments suffered its own Reichstag fire.

KingJohn Magna Carta

When King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta, at Runnymede in 1215, it was not just an event where a group of powerful Medieval Barons forced a weak but avaricious King to agree to a document that gave them personal advantage. It was the formalization of a set of principles that have run through British history until the national socialist Blair Brown Regime took power in 1997. It did not set in detail the rights of citizens, so much as to establish the principle that ‘rights’ were held by the citizen and not by the Monarch or State. In modern parlance, it meant that any citizen could walk on the grass unless a sign was erected to prohibit walking a particular stretch of grass, and that the sign was only valid if a law or bylaw had been passed by elected officials, or that the owner of the grass was generously allowing the public to pass through the area on condition that they did not walk on that grass.

Magna Carta confirmed the principle of the primacy of human rights that was to be exported around the world and which underpins many national judicial systems. In particular, it set out the innocence of those charged with crimes, until found guilty by their peers and it provided the basis under which no Briton could be held without knowing the charge against him or her. It also established the principle of the limitation of detention without charge or trial. From Magna Carta stem the many protections that were built into the British legal system. Habeas Corpus is common to the legal systems of many countries today and serves as a guarantee against a citizen “disappearing” at the pleasure of the State.

In the Centuries that have followed, it is true that a handful of criminals have been released in error by both British courts and courts that follow these honourable British traditions. However, it is also true that countless thousands of innocent people have received full justice when they might otherwise have been held in prison in error. On balance, the principles established in Magna Carta have served the people of many countries very well. In a civilized society, it is better for two guilty people to go free than for one innocent person to languish in jail. The burden should be on sound and effective police investigation, rather than allowing shoddy policing to rely on Draconian laws.

In Britain, and in many other countries, the principles of Magna Carta, together with the justice systems in which they have been embedded, have stood as a sturdy bulwark against totalitarian rule, and for the development and maintenance of democracy.

From those principles stem so many other aspects of democracy that we take for granted at our peril. Countless millions have fought and died to preserve the principles. To curtail or remove those principles is to start a rapid slide into a dark world of corruption, evil and pain.


“Bottler” Brown, Scottish Prime Minister, unelected

When “Bottler” Brown, Scottish Prime Minister, unelected, decided to pursue a bill to introduce detention without charge or trial for 42 days, he was following a very different set of principles. German national socialists decided to burn down their parliament to generate fear and confusion, through which they could establish a dark regime that had to be extinguished by force of arms during the 1939-1945 World War. “Bottler” Brown has been attempting a similar process under the banner of “The Fight Against Terrorism”, using threats and bribery to secure, by the thinnest of margins, a series of measures that are aimed at dismantling democracy and human rights in Britain, and at a time when his regime theoretically has a sizeable majority in the House of Commons, even if it no longer holds a mandate from the British people to govern.


The tax and surveillance cameras are the visible elements of ‘Big Brother’ national socialism, hidden are the billions of pounds worth of, fortunately, inoperable databases. Surveillance rage has resulted in otherwise law abiding citizens attacking cameras

Originally, the Blair Brown Regime was determined to introduce a “Great Index” of databases, more wide reaching and controlling than the Russian Great Index that was the foundation of power for Russian secret police agencies. This was to be reinforced by personal ID cards that allowed a wide range of bureaucrats and party officials to access the personal information of any citizen, at any time, without any explanation. CCTV was to be used to cover every city and highway, allowing faceless functionaries to track the movement of law-abiding citizens as they went about their daily lives. The police were to be politicised and new secret police agencies were to be established, for the first time swearing allegiance not to the Sovereign, as Head of State, but to the political Leader. This massive network of laws and resources, aimed at controlling a subject race, were not only fundamentally un-British, but moved the citizen’s time honoured rights and transferred them to the State and to the Fuehrer.


The principles of Magna Carta and Habeas Corpus stand between freedom and national socialism

A key element in the process to a totalitarian terror State was the introduction of legislation to allow the new secret police to take any citizen, at any time, from their home, and hold them in some dark concentration camp without either trial, or knowledge of the reason for their incarceration. Originally, this new law was to give the secret police 90 days to hold anyone without good reason or justification. To its honour, the British Parliament refused to enact this legislation.

There has been a raft of other legislation, passed in a flood of new laws, frequently forced through Parliament by use of mechanisms that have not previously been used in this manner. The Blair Brown Regime has been introducing an average of one new criminal offence a day since 1997, with the result that the jails are grossly overcrowded and serious criminals have to be released early to make way for the new minor criminals who are guilty of politically incorrect crimes. The process has exposed one fundamental weakness of the British Parliamentary system that was designed by the British over centuries, on the very principles of Britishness, which are reason and fairness, the principle that a “man’s home is his castle”, that even Elizabeth Tudor, a powerful monarch, had the wisdom to refrain from “opening windows into men’s souls”. It depends on politicians being reasonable, intelligent human beings of principle. People who stand for Parliament, because they wish to do good for their fellow citizens, as servants of the people and not as masters of serfs. People who resign when they make a mistake, or when there is a matter of principle to which they must hold. Unfortunately, the very mechanisms that have allowed fair and flexible governance are no defence against unprincipled, corrupt, self-serving totalitarians.

It has been argued that the Blair Brown Regime is guilty of no more that outstanding incompetence and ignorance. Senior members of the regime have certainly demonstrated both qualities to excess. However, this is an excuse for greedy self-serving national socialists who know exactly what they are doing, who follow the well-trodden path of national socialism.
Blair promised in 1996 to lead the first British national socialist government and Sir Oswald Mosley, one time member of the British Labour Party and founder of the British Fascists, forecast that Britain would be ruled by national socialists before the end of the 20th Century. Sir Oswald proved correct and Blair proved incorrect only in that he claimed a ‘first’ when this had already been achieved in the 17th Century.

Oliver Cromwell led the first British national socialist government, murdering King Charles I and ruling autocratically as Lord Protector of the Commonwealth. On Cromwell’s death, the national socialists rapidly fell apart and democratic Constitutional Monarchy was returned. Britain then prospered under Constitutional Monarchy and built a world empire, exporting the benefits of an independent judiciary and an environment where the citizen was the owner of rights.

RamseyMacdonald SirOswaldMoseley

Macdonald (left) and Sir Oswald Mosley (right) represented centre and right wing of the national socialist government led by Macdonald

The second British national socialist government was formed under Ramsey Macdonald. It was a short-lived government that broke into factions, its right wing leaving to form the British Fascist Party under Mosley. It was in power for too short a period to wreak major damage on the British economy and Constitution. The rump, under Macdonald, survived only by relying on the votes of other Parties.


Clement Atlee led the third national socialist government that promised much, disappointed many, and had to end its flirtation with Stalin’s national socialists

The third British national socialist government formed under Clement Atlee in 1945 and did do serious damage to the British economy, frittering away US financial aid after World War Two and flirting with Stalin’s national socialists in Russia. Its main contribution to British life was to introduce the concept that Britain was in terminal decline and that a British Government was primarily tasked with presiding over that decline.


Harold Wilson, pipe smoking man of the people who was really a cigar smoking academic, led the fourth national socialist government that almost bankrupted Britain.

The fourth British national socialist government formed under Harold Wilson in 1963 and rapidly began the destruction of British economic and social life. Britain became the basket case economy of Europe and the butt of jokes. A brief and disgraceful interlude under a Conservative Government led by Edward Heath saw the British people betrayed and forced into the European Community by lies from Wilson and Heath. Wilson then returned to continue the British decline, followed briefly by Callaghan leading the rump of the national socialists into the Winter of Discontent when the Trades Unions ran riot and Britain disintegrated.


Margaret Thatcher repaired the damage done to Britain by national socialist governments and turned the economy into a power house

Britain was then turned rounded by Margaret Thatcher and her Conservatives. The transformation of a nation was rapid and profound. The basis was laid for a solid economic base and a restored reputation in the world.

Blair brown

Blair and Brown the undynamic duo of incompetents who frittered away the golden legacy of the Thatcher years and replaced them with a totalitarian national socialist state

The first four national socialist governments in Britain did not cause irrevocable damage to the British system of Constitutional Monarchy, although the freak Conservative Government of Edward Heath was to lay the basis for its destruction by joining the European Federal Project by stealth and deception.

Whatever he may have claimed and even believed, Blair was to lead the fifth and not the first British national socialist Government. However, he has certainly caused significant damage to Britain. This damage is being continued by the Scottish Prime Minister, unelected, “Bottler” Brown. It has been eleven years of deformation, of which the most serious threat to civil liberty has been the disgraceful 42 Day Detention legislation, achieved only with the help of 9 Ulster Unionist MPs.
Bottler Brown is believed to have handed out more than GB£3 billion in bribes to force through the legislation. What is unclear is whether the Ulster Unionist price also included a commitment to return to Internment, that great recruiting sergeant for Sin Fein IRA.


Bottler Brown has been busy setting up a British Stasi

In the House of Commons, the Blair Brown Regime forced the vote but lost the argument in a travesty of democratic governance. In addition to threats and bribes, the regime also traded falsehoods in claiming that the legislation would only ever be applied in cases of extreme terrorist threat. This story has been peddled dishonestly many times before and previous War on Terror legislation has already been used to establish secret police force in Local Government that has used covert surveillance and Stasi techniques against householders and parents wrongly suspected of minor infringements of education and refuse rules.

How long will it be before some poor pensioner is held for 42 days without charge or trial whilst the Local Government Stasi prepare a case against him or her for putting the wrong refuse bin out for emptying?

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