Reunifying our United Kingdom

Like millions of others across the United Kingdom, you may have been hoping that December 31 would bring some closure to the bitter, five-year tussle between Brussels and Westminster over Brexit.

Indeed, we were naive enough to think we may have to get back to our day jobs. Yet it feels as though there have been more public spats across the English Channel in the last two months than ever before!

From Brussels’ petty ban on UK exports of live shellfish to a row over visa-free access for touring musicians.

From EU trawlers continuing to occupy our territorial waters to the now infamous vaccine warsThe bickering has simply not stopped.

The most serious and increasingly intense disagreement is over the treatment of an integral part of our United Kingdom, and that of course is Northern Ireland.

At the time the Brexit deal was rushed through Parliament, a dissenting view warned of the potential effect it could have on disunifying the Union. However, we were assured that Northern Ireland would retain its British sovereignty and, as Michael Gove famously put it, could have the “best of both worlds”.

Now, this campaign urged MPs to vote for that deal – you can forgive us for displaying some lethargy after six years of intense campaigning and a desperate desire to ensure the British government finally pulled the plug on Britain’s membership of the single market and customs union.

However, it is abundantly clear that the protocol dictating rules on trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland in practice is not fit for purpose and must be replaced post haste.

Regrettably, the British government reaffirmed its “full commitment” to the protocol’s “proper implementation” in a joint statement with the European Commission on Wednesday. An utter cop out from the outgoing co-chair of the EU-UK Joint Committee, Michael Gove.

The government is burying its head in the sand over this issue, at considerable cost to the people of Northern Ireland.

Enter the ERG which awoke from its slumber and responded to the joint statement within a matter of hours.

The faction of hardline Conservative Brexiteers released a 38-page report calling for the protocol to be abolished and replaced with its recommended ‘mutual enforcement’ policy which would see both parties agree to voluntarily enforce each other’s rules whilst respecting the sovereignty and integrity of both the EU and UK internal markets. Sounds good to us!

“From the viewpoint of the ERG, the NI protocol has to go”, ERG chairman Mark Francois told the Telegraph newspaper.

Legal challenges against the Protocol have commenced from Unionists including senior DUP figures, the architect of the Belfast Agreement, Lord Trimble, former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib and Brexit legend Baroness Hoey.

We fully support their attempts to reunify the United Kingdom and will do all we can to raise publicity of their case using our huge social media reach and by galvanising our supporters.

We urge you all to contact your local MP and tell them that the current treatment of Northern Ireland is not good enough by the supposedly Conservative and Unionist Party. You can find out who your local MP is and get their contact details by clicking here.

Please copy us into your email so that we can assess the responses you receive and name and shame those who refuse to support our United Kingdom.

We can only continue to campaign in the vociferous manner in which we do thanks to support from people like you.

With the backlash we receive daily from the Remain establishment and left-wing activists masquerading as journalists, the lawsuits and malicious investigations we’ve had to endure over the years (some of which we are still fighting in the courts) a campaign of this magnitude is time-consuming and costly to run.

That’s why we ask for your help in keeping us afloat. If you can donate to our campaign, we urge you to do so to help keep the largest, most influential Eurosceptic campaign that remains firing on all cylinders.

We got Britain out, but as we’ve all witnessed over the last two months, that was simply the end of the beginning.

All the best,
The Leave.EU Team