RINOs only care about one thing…

Career politicians care about one thing: winning re-election.


You’ve seen so many Republicans-in-Name-Only (RINOs) dragging their feet on President Trump’s pro-jobs, pro-borders policy agenda because they are beholden to the lobbyists and big donors who fund their re-election campaigns.

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Those D.C. elites want to keep ObamaCare in place, they want to keep the tax code as complicated as possible . . .

  • . . . and they want America’s borders to be WIDE OPEN, guaranteeing a steady flow of cheap labor and future Democrat voters.

The only way (and I mean the ONLY way) to force RINOs to vote with us is to make them understand their careers are in jeopardy.

They’ve got to fear US more than they fear losing out on big money from the lobbyists.

Right now, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund is ramping up in states and Congressional Districts across America to elect conservative candidates in 2018 who will support the president’s agenda. We’re preparing an all out blitz to get conservative voters to show up in full force at ballot boxes, and we need your help to make our efforts a success and deliver a forceful message to politicians who are desperately trying to ignore us.

Every politician who campaigned against ObamaCare, only to vote “NO” on ObamaCare repeal, deserves to lose their next election. We can’t let them off the hook! Let’s have President Trump’s back against the promise-breakers in Congress!

Please help us mobilize the big-league grassroots to send reinforcements to Washington to help drain the swamp and pass the Trump agenda NOW.

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund