The nuclear power plant in Belleville sur Loire, France. Photograph: Herve Lenain/Corbis

Rolls-Royce, the global power systems company, has won a â?¬250 million contract
with AREVA to supply safety instrumentation and control (I&C) technologies and
systems for the French nuclear reactor modernisation programme. The systems
will be installed in the twenty-strong French fleet of 1300 MW nuclear reactors
operated by Electricit© de France (EDF).



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The project will ensure that the reactor fleet continues to meet safety and
licensing requirements through the deployment of the latest I&C technologies,
systems and components provided by Rolls-Royce. This I&C project is being
carried out by AREVA as part of the third round of ten-yearly planned reactor
outages managed by EDF.
Benoit Chabre, President, Instrumentation and Control, Rolls-Royce said: “We
are proud of our relationship with Areva and our long partnership with EDF
which spans over forty years. We are pleased that they have once again put
their trust in our world-class I&C technologies which help to ensure the safety
and performance of their reactors.”
Rolls-Royce will provide the I&C technology for systems such as the Reactor
Protection System and the Nuclear Instrumentation System, each underpinned by
Rolls-Royce patented Spinlineâ?¢ technology. Additionally, the company’s Rodline
technology will be deployed in the Rod Control System.
Compliant with the highest class 1E international nuclear safety requirements,
market-leading Rolls-Royce Spinlineâ?¢ technology solution provides utility
companies safety and performance through technology and long term support. The
Rolls-Royce range of digital nuclear safety, control and monitoring systems are
designed to simplify all operational, diagnostic and maintenance elements of
nuclear plant while improving safety.

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