Rotherham – Yet another LibLabCon Mega Scandal


Milliband is not the only rabbit in the headlights, but hey that’s no reason not to run over him.

Rotherham is yet another LibLabCon scandal but the Lab faction of the LibLabCon Party is the prime offender.

Ed Milliband may have been unusually wise to avoid any reference to Rotherham and the report on the unbelievable volume of crime against vulnerable young people.

What could he say? – other than AAAAAAAH as the knife cut through his bowels in the only apology that he could make that would come even remotely close to matching the appalling scale of sex crime by protected paedophiles.

It is when such a scandal emerges that the LibLabCon politicians try to score points off each other but all three factions are tainted. In Rotherham, political correctness may have played a part, but it is difficult to avoid the probability that the perpetrators were being actively protected by council officials including the hated SS department and supported by police officers who were also happy to protect criminals.

The most terrifying aspect of this latest scandal is that one of the officials involved stated that it was just the tip of the iceberg. This raises the questions – how many more vulnerable young people were abused? – and is it still going on today?

Looking back through a string of similar scandals, young people from the Channel Islands to the Okneys have been abused by a mixture of Establishment figures, famous entertainers, policemen, judges and politicians. People still holding high office in the Lab faction of the LibLabCon Party have been exposed as active supporters of the PIE group of paedophiles and have been keen to promote changes in the law to allow sexual abuse of children as young as 6 years old. Senior figures in the other two factions have also been named.

Outside of Local and Central Government the BBC has been shown to be a den of iniquity, shielding what seems to be a large number of paedophiles over decades. There are even suggestions that the BBC has encouraged these criminals. That is added to the politically partisan nature of BBC broadcasting that brings into disrepute a broadcaster once globally respected for its honest, accurate, fair broadcasting. Now is also the time to remove the tv and radio license fee and break the BBC into pieces that can try to regain the once respected impartiality and moral code.

So, another day, another scandal. A few reluctant apologies and part apologies and its business as usual. The guilty either remain in post or are rewarded with another even higher paying job. Lets not forget that these creatures are not only employed in jobs they consider unaccountable, but highly paid jobs that have pampered them and convinced them that they are above mortal voters.

It simply isn’t good enough.

The local police cannot investigate because they are themselves suspects. Another police force, or the Police Complaints teams, should be sent to Rotherham immediately to carryout an exhaustive investigation and make arrests leading to prosecutions for all of those guilty of misconduct in public office (i.e. those who turned a blind eye) and other offences including rape and abduction, actual and grievous bodily harm, fraud, immoral earnings etc. The situation is so serious that it justifies the setting up of a court specifically to try the offenders, and a Public Prosecutor and staff to bring the prosecutions. As British politicians are so overawed by Islam, there is even the the option of taking an Islamic approach and following fast show trials with mass public executions, but that is not the British way and there is no reason why the crimes of others should take society back into the Dark Ages.

Once again, a scandal has exposed the widespread corruption of an Establishment that believes it is beyond the law and not bounded by moral code.

It is time to start again with a political revolution in 2015. Time to drive out the corrupt Ruling Elite that has become used to ignoring the little people who vote and pay taxes.

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