Rush of Blood to the Head

Over recent days the LibDem leader has become more strident and is now counting his seats ahead of the election. Always a dangerous thing to do.

The LibDems started the election as they traditionally do – the None-of-the-above-Party. Their policies are never scrutinized because no one seriously expects one of the original British political parties to ever seriously contend for Government. This ancient tribe became so obviously corrupt after the 1914-1918 War that they were not just swept from office, but reduced to a few seats and replaced as the second party by Labour. At this election they had been hoping to return the insult by replacing the thoroughly corrupt Labour Party as the second party.

Having done well in the new tv reality show Britain’s Got Politics, the LibDem leader has decided that he is no longer king-maker but will be King. He has announced that he will hold Britain to ransom and demand that either Labour or Conservatives replace their leaders and make him Prime Minister. One cartoonist even saw him measuring the carpets and curtains at Buckingham Palace. His thirst for power and aggrandizement seems to have no boundaries.

In addition to demanding that he be made Prime Minister, he is also demanding that the electoral system be changed so that he can remain in power indefinitely – KingPresident for Life.

Putting to one side thoughts of counting chickens before they hatch, these demands are extraordinary because what he is demanding is that the British voters should vote for a party under a leader who will then resign and be replaced by someone who may be totally unknown. He is also demanding that the wishes of less than 10% of the listed electorate should be able to dictate a key constitutional issue as a price for not wrecking the economy.

It all begins to make sense if the LibDem leader’s background is reviewed.

After a period as a lobbyist with a lobby company that was helping Libya avoid being forced to produce the PanAm bomber, he slide effortlessly in to an overpaid job as a Eurocrat in Brussels. Then he became an MEP where he exploited his expenses to the extent of claiming for Business Class travel while buying economy class tickets – that seems fraudulent!! From there he became an MP and was elected as LibDem leader because he was unknown.

Given that background, it is hardly surprising that he has no regard for the voters and every regard for power and the license to dig deeply into the taxpayers’ pockets.


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