RUSH your support to defeat the gun-hating Left

First, anti-gun zealots like Justice Stevens should never be anywhere near the Supreme Court.

And second, freedom-hating radicals like Nancy Pelosi should never be anywhere near the Speaker’s gavel.

But unless conservatives rally together and win, we’ll have Pelosi back as Speaker along with all kinds of left-wing judges who want to send the Constitution through a shredder.

Please help make sure our allies in the House and Senate (like Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, Dave Brat, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows and others) have the funds to take on their gun-hating left-wing challengers and WIN on Election day!

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund

P.S. Justice Stevens can’t repeal the 2nd Amendment or any other part of the Constitution by himself (thank God!). But if he gets more gun-hating friends in the House and Senate? If Nancy Pelosi comes back as Speaker? Then ALL our freedoms will be under assault. And when the Left destroys any bit of our freedom, it’s gone forever. Help us ensure your freedom is safe and that Nancy Pelosi NEVER returns as Speaker. Thank you!