Russian Invasion of Georgia


Russian armour collects at the start line ready to roll into Georgia after Russian warplanes blitzed cities in the country leaving some 2,000 dead.

Russia has become increasingly angry about the expansion of NATO and the planned deployment of anti-missile sites close to Russian territory. The destabilization of countries like Georgia was therefore a natural consequence.

I Georgia’s case there is the added attraction of cutting a vital oil and gaz supply route to Europe that will enable Russian to blackmail the European Union and pressure other former Russian colonies who may consider joining NATO.

The plan depends on a weakened Bush Administration being forced to watch helplessly from the side lines and to be humiliated by Russia.

Ex-KGB General Putin sees this as a win-win situation and knows that if his tanks can take all Georgian towns in the next 48 hours his aggression will face no serious challenge.

He is following the precident set by other national socialist leaders in assuming (correctly) that the West closes down for the weekend on a Friday and is helpless on a Monday.


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