SAR Pilot and Wife Wow Canada

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Flight Lieutenant Wales, HRH Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge at the controls

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The Duke and Duchess at the Canada Day event

SAR pilot HRH The Duke of Cambridge and HRH The Duchess of Cambridge wow Canada in the first Royal Visit by a SAR helicopter pilot and his new bride.

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The visit by the young Royal couple has seen enthusiastic crowds greet them at each event in the Visit.

During the Visit, the Duchess confided in a Canadian military wife “I always worry,” she told her, “but my job is to support my husband. You should always support your husband”.

After paying their respects to Canada’s fallen, the conversation took place when meeting Canadian veterans.

A former private told the Duchess that her husband, a former military policeman, was often away for long periods and she had been anxious for him.

The Duchess told her “I always worry when William goes off on a mission. I find it very difficult.”

One of those rescued by Prince William, Greg Watkins, a father of two who collapsed with chest pains 3,000 ft up Mount Snowdon in treacherous stormy weather, praised Prince William, ” If it was not for Prince William and the rest of his crew, I would be dead”.

Canadian Veteran Celine Drapeau said of her conversion with the Duchess, ” I thought it was very brave of Kate to be so honest. It was a great comfort to know that she understands what service families go through.”

Prince William’s uncle HRH The Duke of York served as a Fleet Air Arm helicopter pilot and flew dangerous missile decoy missions during the Falklands War, protecting the carriers from Exocet attack. Prince William’s younger brother Prince Harry has already served in Afghanistan as a soldier and is due to return to Afghanistan as an Apache helicopter gunship pilot.

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