Save Our Country Leaders Update and Action Items 5.21

Hi all,

Below are the action items and links to share for the Save Our Country Coalition. Thank you for being a part of this!

Jenny Beth & team


1) Americans for Prosperity – easily and quickly send an email to your Senators telling them to vote against state bailouts. Use the link below.

Tell Senators: Reject Reckless Bailouts!

2) Please also call your Senators and tell them NO state bailouts and YES on a payroll tax cut.

3) Please send in good stories, stories of successful reopenings! We need to combat the doom and gloom of the mainstream media that is working overtime to frighten Americans. Please submit your stories using this form. Good stories can be anything from you got to go back to work and now can take care of your family again, to being able to go out and enjoy your favorite places again. We need to highlight these stories, so send them in! And if you have more than one, send them all in!

4) If you haven’t yet signed these two letters from ALEC, please sign them now.

–> (about a safe reopen of society/the economy)

–> (urging the federal government to practice fiscal responsibility and not spend on a state bailout).

–> These letters are open to all signers, but please annotate the “organization” field accordingly.

–> Example:

Organization Field for org heads: Director, Tea Party Patriots, Michigan


Organization Field for everyone else: Tea Party Patriots, Michigan

5) If you’re a doctor, and you haven’t yet signed, add your name to the attached letter by filling out this form below.


Save Our Country

ALEC State COVID-19 Executive Orders Tracker for the 50 States by Grant Kidwell

Trump Administration Actions to Fight COVID-19 Coronavirus, udpated regularly (also in a downloadable pdf)

The Gold Opinion

State Policy Network Coronavirus Hub Page and SPN’s Re-opening state economies: A list of recommendations from state think tanks

Committee to Unleash Prosperity Daily Updates

Ballotpedia: State government plans to reopen after the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, 2020


White House: Executive Order on Regulatory Relief to Support Economic Recovery

White House: Letter to WHO

Job Creators Network Runs Ad in Wall Street Journal, “Dr. Fauci, We’d Like a Second Opinion”

-> See the ad here:

How Fear, Groupthink Drove Unnecessary Global Lockdowns

Committee to Unleash Prosperity: Unleash Prosperity Hotline Issue #35

Facebook video to share of Gov. DeSantis letting the media have it

Rand Paul, Andy Biggs: Anthony Fauci wants America closed until there’s nothing to reopen

BIGGS: Nancy Pelosi’s Coronavirus Bill Has Allowed Her To Seize More Power

President Trump’s Playbook is framed by the U.S. Constitution., Ken Blackwell



Lockdowns missed the boat: More likely coronavirus cases in US as early as December, by Daniel Horowitz

Trump provides regulatory relief to jumpstart economy and get America back to work

Video: Some positives being seen as we begin to reopen America

After peak in COVID-19 deaths, cases and hospitalizations, now it’s time to safely reopen America

End New York City’s lockdown now!